Women Taking Charge Of Their Retirement Lifestyle

Whatever your personal situation is, it’s important for all women, married and single, to take charge of their finances and build enough resources so that they can retire in style – and I mean early retirement of course!

When interviewed, it would seem that more than half of Australian women under 50 admit that they’re not saving enough for retirement. According to the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AWCCI) many Australian female business owners will long outlive their savings and will have little hope of sustaining a lifestyle anywhere near to the one they’re used to. Read more here…

There are a few reasons that women are typically disadvantaged such as: unequal pay; the amount of unpaid work they do; breaking career trajectories to have and care for children/parents – however, saving for their golden years should still be a priority.

Women should pay themselves first, before they pay anyone else!

Globally, the UN Gender Report tells us that women do 66% of the world’s work, create 10% of its food but earn 10% of its income! Also, they own 1 % of the world’s real estate.

This is a worldwide statistic, and thank goodness, in Australia, women have the power to take control of their destiny, which is just what they’re doing. Research shows that Australian women are feeling more comfortable and knowledgeable with the process of buying property and understand that there’s nothing unfeminine about looking after their financial wellbeing.

Data released by RAMS Home Loans shows that the number of female applicants increased to almost half of the total amount in 2010.

How to start

If you are one of those women who know that you should invest in your future but don’t know where to turn next, there are many professionals who will gladly answer all your questions – no matter how silly you may think they are. Such as:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Buyers Agents

As these professionals will often give much advice and direction for free, start interviewing people and don’t feel that you’re wasting anyone’s time. You’re the one whose time is precious! Once you start making inquiries, you’ll realise that it’s not so hard to remove the mystery and fear from the property buying process.


While at Empire we always suggest that you will need 20% of the pruchase price, plus enough cash flow to service the loan, we also know that the first property can be tough and a good mortgage broker can really put your mind at rest. As opposed to going directly to the bank a broker will know all the products on the market and will be able to advise on the best one for you.

Once you know your budget, it’ll be time to step forward and purchase your property.

If you would like to discuss your options with any of the Empire team then feel free to contact us.

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