Why Use A Buyers Agent And How Does It All Work?

Saving Time:

Time is money – your money! At Empire, looking at potential investment properties most days gives us a sharp eye for the right investment property and a day-by-day understanding of the property market.

Even if it takes a Buyer’s Agent 8-weeks to find the perfect property, you, the client are involved in very little of the stress or negotiation that leads to a successful result.

Enjoy the luxury of more time for family and friends while again giving your career 100% of your attention.

An eye for the right property is an art

Don’t risk making an emotional decision and paying too much for pretty finishes, pools and gyms. For us, working closely with Real Estate Agents, solicitors, valuers and mortgage brokers creates a smooth path to the desired end result – the right property at the right price.

Why Stress When You Can Delegate?

 We love and understand our industry which is why we’re realistic about the fact that Real Estate Agents work for the vendor and will get them the best price possible. No matter how good they are or how much of a relationship you build with them, you can’t believe everything they say!

How Do You Do It?

At Empire, it’s as simple as signing an Agency Agreement and paying 50% of our fee (which is refundable if you don’t go ahead and purchase) – sometimes this is done before preapproval from the bank and sometimes after.

With the paperwork out of the way, we start to look for the right property and on average this can take 1-8 weeks. Once we find that property we commission three independent reports:

  1. Building report to inspect the apartment in detail
  2. Strata report to find out the state of the finances and again repair of the building
  3. An independent valuation to find out what the bank would be prepared to lend on the property that week/day. This ensures that we don’t pay too much

The Offer

The next step is to put in an educated offer.

We avoid verbal offers as they give the selling agent too much negation power with other buyers.

Instead we present it on a signed contract with 10% (or 5%) deposit and give the agent 24-hours to consider it. Usually, when we’re this aggressive, the deal goes ahead and by close of business we’re often all celebrating!

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