What are the highest capital growth suburbs to buy in?

I’ve just downloaded the latest Capital Growth Prediction Report from Residex and I’m pleased to see that yet again, the suburbs we have been buying in make up the Top 10 of all suburbs. It’s actually no surprise as I’ve been studying those reports for over a decade and I interview John Edwards the CEO of Residex many times every year to make sure our strategy is still on track.

There’s two lines of thought when it comes to picking suburbs (1) trying to pick the next hotspot or (2) going for the guaranteed blue chip. Personally I’ve always preferred a guarantee as when times are tough you don’t want your bank to come and margin call your property (like they do in shares) and in the good times you want to be the first to realise a profit. There’s generally no bargains when buying into those blue chip suburbs as there’s plenty of demand, but you pay for what you get – pay a fair price and you get a great investment that ticks all the boxes.

When you come to Empire and ask for help investing your hard earned cash, unfortunately we can’t move the market. However we can assist you to invest it in the best possible property to reduce your risk of making a short term loss and in the best place to ensure you get one of the highest returns when the market does make a move. We believe in getting the best possible information available to make those decisions and it’s great to see that Residex are consistent in their findings.

Due to copyright we can’t include a copy of the Capital Growth Prediction report with this newsletter, but as a client we’d be happy top show you personally. Feel free to contact any of us for more information.

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