This Client Got an Extra $700k When They Sold

If you, or anyone you know is looking to sell a property now, or anytime in the near future, you simply MUST read this! It could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You should definitely be forwarding this article to someone you know who is looking to sell a property.

This is what happened when a client came to us and asked for our help when he wanted to sell a property.

"They kept me on track and ultimately we sold for an additional $700k. Nice work!" - Keith, Google Reviews

Firstly though, if you know me, you’d know that when it comes to investment property, I advocate never to sell.


Because if you don’t sell, you never have to pay Capital Gains Tax, though can still realise profits by releasing equity through the banks.

We occasionally have clients who (for one reason or another) want to sell their property and there’s plenty of reasons why they would:

  • They are keen to realise their capital gains for use in other areas, such as business, or even a dream family home
  • They want to sell their family home and move somewhere new
  • They want to upsize
  • They want to downsize
  • They have been transferred for work
  • A death in the family
  • Divorce
  • The list goes on
  • Do you simply call the local real estate agent?
  • Do you get a reference from family, friends, or through social media?

Agents don’t necessarily have any loyalty to a single seller as they might see them as a one off transaction. Not all agents are the same but at times they have been known to quote high to get the deal, then “condition” the seller week by week, only to sell to get the quickest deal.

On the other hand, when they get a listing through someone like us, they know they can get multiple referrals if they do a good job and hence might go that extra step to attract more buyers and increase the competition.

As buyer’s agents, we always aim to never go to auction when we buy unless we really have to.

And that’s why when it comes to selling, we nearly always recommend that’s the way to go.

Any agent can sell a property for what it’s worth, but very few can sell it for a suburb premium.

When Keith got his $700,000 premium do you think he was after the cheapest agent or the best agent for the job? How would you know the difference?

Sell a Property: Seller Advocacy

Nothing. Not a cent.

Every selling agent receives a commission when selling a property. Your Empire simply receive a referral fee which is deducted from the agents selling commission.

Great question and it’s important we are completely transparent here. We have been offered in the past higher referral rates than normal from agents in order for us to send referral business their way. In those meetings, we have politely declined with the following explanation:

  • If we don’t receive an equal commission rate no matter who the agent, how can we be seen as acting in good faith for the seller?
  • If you are the best agent for the job, we are happy for you to earn the applicable commission, because then we know you are going to do the best job for our client.
  • If you do a fantastic job for our client, then we will be happy to refer more business to you in the future if we find a seller that is a good match.

Also, the ultimate decision of which agent to use always remains solely with you, the seller.

We already have relationships with real estate agents, so before we even pick up the phone, we usually already have an idea of the best agents in your area that consistently get the best outcomes for clients.

Then we pick up the phone and can have open and honest conversations with agents that normal sellers simply can’t have. We know how the market works and can help negotiate the best fees and commissions with the best agent for your sale. This is something that normal sellers simply can’t do. Most people don’t know what fees or commissions they should be paying and have no idea whether the agency is going to be a good fit for the sale.

We set up meetings (at a time that suits you – and only if you choose to become involved) to meet the top agent or agents in your area and hear their sales strategy for your property. Usually, we select the top three, though this varies from property to property.

We help guide you through the different agents and discuss the pros and cons of each, helping you make an informed decision about who to choose.

Together, we ensure the property is presented to yield the best possible offers and maximise the sale price.

Many selling agents can pressure clients into a quick sale or one which they are not completely happy with. There are countless stories of agents overquoting a potential sale price just to secure the listing before gradually talking the vendor down to a more realistic amount. Your Empire has open and honest conversations with you and the agent to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

No, you don’t. Many clients may choose to remain passive in the process and let the Your Empire team handle the heavy lifting. This can be especially valuable if you are dealing with a deceased estate or investment property.

Due to our vast network and affiliate offices, helping clients sell a property is something we can do right around Australia. If you are unsure about your property, or area, simply get in touch and let’s talk.

Remember, the best agent to sell your property is generally not the one who offers the lowest commission or promises the highest selling price!

In fact, when this happens, you usually want to run!

Here’s Keith’s full story, taken from Google Reviews:

5 Star Google Review from Keith

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