The Tailored Experience: Buying Property With Your Empire

In the world of property buying, navigating the market can often feel overwhelming. If you’re a first home buyer especially, purchasing a property can also often feel unattainable.

In Australia, only 3% of buyers are utilising a buyers agent vs. the US, which is about 50% of buyers. This provides those who do, a huge opportunity to take advantage of the experience of the knowledge, insight, and network of expert buyer agents who make the process easier and find you the perfect fit.

You could say the property-buying process isn’t dissimilar to searching for the perfect blazer. Those who know me, know I’m as well-versed in fabrics as I am in property. So let’s do a little comparison, shall we…


Searching for the perfect property is a journey filled with anticipation, where every decision is infused with the desire to find a fit that not only meets practical needs but also resonates with one’s unique personality and aspirations.

Jon Sermon navigating complex property transactions with clients
Jon helps clients navigate tricky property transactions

Just as a well-fitted blazer boosts confidence, discovering a property that resonates with my clients’ lifestyles and aspirations elevates their sense of fulfilment in homeownership. As for purchasing investment properties, the approach often shifts towards a more transactional mindset. These acquisitions can be seen as a means to an end, prioritising financial objectives over personal attachment. 

Despite this, the significance of finding the right fit remains paramount. Like tailoring a blazer to suit measurements and tastes, property buying must align with strategic goals, financial parameters, and risk tolerance.

With my expertise and the skillset of the Your Empire team, all property acquisitions are approached with attention to detail and a commitment to finding the perfect fit. This ensures that every property purchase serves its intended purpose, while also contributing to clients’ long-term financial objectives. 

Here is an overview of the tailored experience of buying property with Your Empire.

Image illustrating Phase 1 of property buying process - The Consult

Just as selecting the right fabric sets the tone for a bespoke blazer, the initial phase of property buying with Your Empire involves defining your preferences and goals. 

The initial meeting allows us to evaluate your property outlook and assess any current constraints. We develop a comprehensive brief and assist clients in identifying their ideal property fabric – whether it’s a chic urban apartment, a charming suburban home, or a lucrative investment opportunity. 

Reviewing both target area and price range forms your property profile.

Image illustrating Phase 2 of property buying process - Finding the Perfect Fit

Once we have a firm understanding of what our client is looking for, and looking to achieve with their property profile, we undertake research and commence inspections. We utilise our network of agents and database to review suitable options.

Much like a skilled tailor ensures a blazer fits impeccably, Your Empire ensures the properties selected align perfectly with the client’s needs and aspirations. Through meticulous research and analysis, we ensure the property fits seamlessly into the client’s lifestyle, budget, and long-term objectives. Focused on a personalised approach, we focus solely on the options that suit that individual’s preferences.

Jon provides tailored expertise to clients, just like his jackets
Image illustrating Phase 1 of property buying process - Due Diligence

To ensure a property’s integrity, there are a series of reports that must be completed. These include building, strata, pest, and valuations. We also manage the review of contracts and report on aspects of the property for consideration and negotiation. 

This due diligence piece is key, and one that buyers themselves can overlook. Just as a bespoke blazer undergoes a meticulous creation process, Your Empire guides clients through the intricate steps of property acquisition. I pride myself on orchestrating the transaction with finesse, leveraging my expertise to negotiate favourable terms and navigate potential obstacles.

Image illustrating Phase 1 of property buying process - Final Negotiations

In this stage of property buying, we ensure the target price is in line with the budget of the client. We establish a price point and terms with the agent for a successful purchase. This is also where we negotiate (as required) to ensure exchange. 

We make clients feel secure in the knowledge that every detail has been meticulously attended to. Now is not the time to miss a stitch. 

From contract negotiation to due diligence, Your Empire ensures a stress-free experience, culminating in the acquisition of the ideal property.

An image showcasing Jon in a variety of suit styles
Just like Jon’s pocket squares, it’s the finishing touches that make the difference
Image illustrating Phase 1 of property buying process - Exchange

Upon acceptance of an offer, clients will now exchange contracts and organise relevant inspections before the vendor’s release. This phase of settlement brings Your Empire clients great fulfilment, just as donning the perfect, custom-tailored blazer would. 

Our support for clients also doesn’t end there. We assist with organising any quotes for renovations or building works post-settlement as well as tenants for those purchasing an investment property. 

In the world of property buying, Your Empire provides the expertise, guidance, and network to make the best purchasing decisions for your situation. We guide clients toward their property dreams with expertise, passion, and flair, to ensure our tailored process, finds you, the perfect fit. 

So, whether you’re ready to dive into your first investment or looking to upgrade to your dream home, let’s have a chat and craft a plan.

An image of Jon Sermon

Jon Sermon
(Property Procurement Pro & Pocket Square Aficionado)

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