Using a Buyer’s Agent: The Number One Question We’re Asked

Using a Buyer's Agent: Number One Question

Anyone can buy property for themselves. It’s true. In fact, our number one FAQ our team get with enquiries…

Using a buyer's agent for property purchases: 'Put simply, if you knew what I knew about buying property, you would never try for yourself.' - Chris

Well, there’s a few things you probably should know.

Using a buyer's agent for property purchases: The "Unfair" Insider Advantage

If you are trying to buy a property for yourself, almost all the time, you are only ever seeing properties that good buyer’s agents have already said “no” to.

So the first question you should ask whenever you see a new property listed online is “why did buyer’s agents say ‘no’ to this property?”

As a buyer’s agent, we have access to properties you might never see… off-market listings, pre-market opportunities and more. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know in the property game.

We’ve been in the industry for almost 3 decades and no matter what I teach aspiring property buyers, I can’t duplicate our relationships.

The only way to get access to many properties is to have the inside running.

Using a buyer's agent for property purchases: We're Expert Property Negotiators

Unless you have negotiated the purchase of hundreds of properties yourself, there’s no way you will pay the same price we do.

Have you ever tried to negotiate a deal with a real estate agent?

It’s not usually fun (unless you are overpaying and then they are your best friend in the world – so if you hear someone tell you about how great it was to deal with a real estate agent, just smile and understand that’s why).

Just remember, it’s business… it’s nothing personal.

We take what can be an incredibly taxing, emotional and time consuming process and handle it all on your behalf.

Negotiation is an art and it’s where a good buyer’s agent really shines. Our team has spent years honing this craft, ensuring you don’t just find the right property, but you get it at the right price.

A top tier buyer’s agent should justify their fee through their negotiation abilities alone. We’ve been doing it for decades, so you know we are masters of our craft.

Edit: After writing this, I realised one of the major points of our ability to negotiate better prices and terms and it’s probably best explained in an anecdote…

If you go to the shops and you buy in bulk, what happens to the price?

Do things become more expensive? No

In fact, you tend to get the item cheaper, right? Because you are buying more, the price comes down, doesn’t it?

Now, what about people who buy a considerable amount of product consistently over a long period of time (say from a wholesaler)? Do they pay the same price? No.

They get it cheaper. Sometimes, much cheaper.

In fact, when I go to buy a car, I’m happy to use an agent to buy for me and pay a fee for his services. How on earth can I compete with a fleet buyer who has purchased hundreds of cars and gets volume discounts?

As buyer’s agents, we buy hundreds of properties for clients. We buy consistently, over time, in bulk.

Let’s face it, time is our most valuable asset.

  • Scouring listings
  • Attending inspections
  • Researching the market

It all takes time. A lot of time.

Not to mention:

  • Coordinating finance
  • Legal requirements
  • Pre-purchase inspections

The list goes on. You get the idea.

Buyer’s agents not only know how to navigate this process incredibly faster than you ever could, in many steps, we also take the burden completely off your shoulders.

  1. You get back time for yourself, with your friends, or your family. What value do you place on that?
  2. Faster speed to purchase means you are not missing out on valuable capital gains for time out of the market.

The median property price in Sydney in 2023 (a year everyone said the market was crashing) rose over 11%. So if you were looking for property, that was costing you $304 a day, or $2129 per week in lost capital growth for the time you spent trying to buy property.

Buying property can be an emotional rollercoaster. Our team provides an objective perspective, keeping you grounded and focused on your investment goals.

  • Have you ever been to an auction?
  • Have you ever seen people negotiate with real estate agents?
  • Do you know someone that became so attached to a property, they overpaid significantly just so they could have it?

I see people all the time mentally moving in their furniture, they are that attached to a property (even when it’s an investment and they have no intention of living there).

These are the people who say, “just a bit extra and we’ll get it” and always end up overpaying.

You need to avoid these bidding wars and keep a level head during the process.

Most people are oblivious to these factors (and plenty more – some of which are our insider secrets) when buying. Do you have any idea how long it takes to learn all these market intricacies?

Well, I can assure you, it’s longer than you have time to spend researching a one off purchase.

Using a buyer’s agent isn’t just about finding a property… it’s about finding the right property at the right price and terms, in a considerably faster time frame than most buyers.

It’s about leveraging expertise, connections and negotiation skills to your advantage.

Maybe you have specific requirements for a family home, or perhaps you are just seeking a high growth blue-chip investment? You need a strategy tailored specifically to you and your family.

I doubt (even after a year of lessons, let alone a couple of YouTube videos) Qantas would let you fly one of their planes.

I’m pretty sure an electrician wouldn’t let you work on wiring up a home unless you’d at least been through proper training.

In fact, unless you had a lot of experience, I doubt a premium hair stylist would let you cut clients hair for them.

So why, oh why, do people think they can look at a few properties on the internet and get the same deals we can?

The truth is, we know they can’t.

If everyone understood the value, they too would realise they should never even try for themselves.

Still wondering if a buyer’s agent is right for you? I have a limited number of spots available in my calendar where we can have a 30-minute strategy session together. I’m here to answer your questions and guide you through every step of your property journey.

Here’s to making smart, informed property decisions in 2024.

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