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Chris Gray is one of Australia’s most trusted independent property experts, giving home buyers and investors simple yet powerful strategies to create wealth and lifestyle options through property.

With 10 years experience as host of “Your Property Empire” on Sky Business News and a property buyer’s agent for over two decades, Chris has helped countless Australians buy property.

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Chris Gray and Your Empire is a trusted source for all major Australian media outlets

Beyond the Screen

Crafting Wealth through Property

Chris Gray is not your ordinary financial commentator. With a decade as the host of “Your Property Empire” on Sky News Business, Chris has demystified property investing for Australians, making him a trusted voice in media and a beacon for aspiring investors. His approach, described as “easy to understand, yet incredibly powerful”, has transformed many lives. As the CEO of Your Empire, Chris applies his extensive media experience and personal investment success to offer comprehensive services for time-poor professionals, guiding them toward building secure wealth through property.

Architect of Aspirations

Your Blueprint to Property Mastery

Chris Gray’s property journey began with a simple yet transformative idea: leveraging property to live curfew-free. This initial step sparked a journey leading to retirement at 31 and today a $25m portfolio. With a straightforward four-step blueprint — Foundations, Team, Strategy, Repeat — Chris has not only achieved financial independence but also empowered countless Australians to do the same. His story is a testament to the power of action and the potential that lies on the other side of decisions.

Driven by Passion

A Journey of Cars and Charities

Chris Gray’s love for cars narrates a tale of ambition and success, marked by milestones like a Porsche 911 at 22 and an iconic Lamborghini Murcielago. Beyond the thrill of the drive, Chris leverages his passion for meaningful causes, participating in charity events like the Mystery Box Rally. His eclectic collection, from a fire engine to a road-registered tank, symbolises not just personal achievement, but a commitment to giving back, making every mile a story of joy and generosity.

Unlock Expert Guidance

Imagine having a property mastermind like Chris Gray in your corner. With Chris’s unparalleled expertise and the experience of building a personal portfolio exceeding $25m, you’re not just gaining a mentor – you’re unlocking a goldmine of industry secrets and strategies that have stood the test of time.

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