Stop Saying This Word!

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When I first started buying property, some friends called me…


I didn’t care. I understood that property could make far more money than I ever could from my future career as an accountant.

Although I don’t promote this as a strategy to clients, I then extended myself to the absolute max with my finances to continue buying property.

I’m not going to lie. That was tough for a few years.

Friends begged me to stop and even sell some of the property. Now they were calling me…


I didn’t care. I knew the numbers and that eventually they would tip in my favour as property prices rose. I had good advice from wealthy people much smarter than I was.

Later, during the GFC, I continued to buy property. This time friends were calling me…


I didn’t care. My initial properties were rising in value and I had semi retired from my job. I owned a Ferrari. I knew this worked.

Today, my portfolio is worth around $20m. You know what people call me?


Maybe I am. Maybe I’m lucky that property prices have continued to rise consistently in blue chip areas as they have done for many decades previously?

Maybe I’m lucky that I was never the smartest person in the room with 100 reasons NOT to invest in property? I did it anyway.

Maybe I’m lucky that I accidentally stumbled into a method to create wealth for myself and my family that most people weren’t willing to try?

Here’s what I know…

Whatever you call me… crazy, stupid, insane, or lucky… I’m just glad and grateful that I didn’t listen to the people who tried to talk me out of it and instead listened to people who had already achieved what I wanted to.

Every day we have decisions to make that can change the course of our lives. Sometimes, they’re obvious. Other times, they are not.

You don’t have to get too many right. You just need to know who you should be listening to for guidance.

Take guidance from people who have already achieved what you want. Listen to them. Learn. Ask questions.

Most importantly…

Take action


Oh… Here’s a picture of me being crazy, stupid, insane and lucky all in one.

Chris Rally

One of the wonderful things I am able to do as a result of my property portfolio is help charitable causes like the Cancer Council through the Your Empire Mystery Box Rally entry. I purchased a 1985 Cadillac Stretch Limousine to tackle some of the toughest roads in Australia and raise tens of thousands of dollars in the process. You tell me if that’s crazy, stupid, insane or lucky?

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