Source of Property Education: I Was Wrong

Source of Property Education: I Was Wrong - Am I Just Lucky?

You’d be surprised how many ‘well meaning civilians’ find it their duty to ‘correct me” as a source of property education, make assumptions, or try to “educate others on reality” on social media on a constant basis.

But I’ve always said two things that these people don’t understand before they type:

  1. The methods of investing that I talk about work for me. And if they work for me, they should work for almost anyone. However… and this is important… if you are not comfortable with these methods because you prefer say, shares, regional property, hot spots, mining towns, business investing, or any other investing method… then you should stick to that.

Creating wealth is like ordering off a comprehensive menu in a Chinese restaurant. There are an overwhelming amount of choices and most of them are probably quite good (especially if they come recommended by an expert). But if you never order at least one, you will ultimately never eat anything at all.

  1. I’ve been buying property for decades through:
  • a GFC
  • global pandemic
  • higher interest rates
  • lower interest rates
  • high capital growth periods
  • negative growth periods
  • times when it’s easy to borrow money
  • times when it’s difficult to borrow money
  • high rental yields
  • low rental yields

You get the idea, right? Given over the long term I have continued to make consistent growth on my portfolio (no matter what the economic climate), I’m confident that my portfolio will continue to grow into the future.

With these two points in mind, I’ve always said that I’m more than comfortable having a discussion with someone successful about my approach to property to try and learn more. How do you think I built a portfolio worth over $20m in the first place?

I’m also more than happy to sit with someone who has genuine questions about property because they are looking to demystify the process. Anytime. I’m here to help.

(plus I’m pretty sure I didn’t make up the story about the 355 Ferrari, but I had to check just to be certain)

When I speak with someone who knows more than me (or is more successful than me), they have often introduced me to methods and approaches that have helped supercharge my approach and secure my financial future.

So what’s with the comments online?

Well firstly, you can generally tell whether they are from someone who is genuinely confused or looking for answers and our team is always here to have a chat if you need to find your way.

The rest that are simply sharing their wisdom to the world, I usually ignore. In my experience, these people are just looking for excuses as to why they can never be successful. In the past I’ve tried to help them, until I realised that these people don’t actually want to be helped and that’s such a shame.

If you are not sure who to listen to, just reach out to the person sharing the knowledge (in this case, myself – or the commentor), check their references or reviews and decide for yourself who you think would be a better person to learn from.

Source of Property Education: Google Reviews from Your Empire Clients

Unless you think your source of property education should be Tom C?

Tom C as your source of property education?

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they listen to so called “experts” who have absolutely no experience or qualifications in the area they are providing their “advice”.

It’s one thing listening to family and friends who may never have built wealth for themselves. At least they are well-meaning as a source of property education.

I always said, I didn’t build a successful portfolio because I was the smartest person in the room. Unfortunately though, decades later, the smartest person in the room is still waiting for the perfect time to get started.

Sure, some of these comments can raise important questions that you need to get answered by an expert. Though that expert is not the faceless account holder that posted the comment.

If you need help getting answers, no matter how difficult the question might be, we’re happy to talk.

In fact, if you are genuinely serious about finding out more about buying property, reply to this email now and ask me what you think would be the toughest question you could ask.

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