Should I Renovate My Investment Property Myself?


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But before I explain…

This is the final part in my four part mini renovation series. Did you miss the first three? No problems. Here’s the links:

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Part Two: What Are the Finance and Tax Implications of Renovating an Investment Property?
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Each part has a short video of around two minutes.

Here’s the truth:

My hands have never seen a day of hard renovation labour in their lives (my wife and close friends will testify to this).

Which might sound odd, because I have renovated (in some way) absolutely every property I own.

I just don’t do it myself.

Don’t get me wrong… if you have the skills and patience, good luck to you.

If you are doing unskilled work to try and save a few dollars, I guarantee it will end up costing more in your time value and the quality of work will be nowhere near as good as hiring a professional who does this every day for a living.

If you are young, ambitious, or have time up your sleeve, then there’s always jobs you can do such as painting.

If you are a professional in your industry, you simply don’t have the time to afford messing around with renovation works that usually end up taking longer than expected and costing more than expected.

Hire someone to take care of the renovation for you.

Here’s the key if you do this though:

Get an on time, on budget guarantee with a budget cap.

Too many times people contact me after they get into trouble with builders or project managers who keep increasing their costs long after an agreement was made on the work. Don’t fall for this trap.

If you outsource, there’s no limit to the amount of projects you can take on.

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