Secrets of the $25m Property Investor

Recently, I sat down with Tyron Hyde from Washington Brown and his podcast Ten With Ty and discussed all things property and investing.

We talked at length about my unconventional strategies and how they have yielded some incredible results.

Listen in to hear how I prefer value accumulation over immediate equity and hear us discuss the significance of property control in building wealth.

We talk about:

  • my contrarian approach
  • my investment philosophy
  • how I leverage money
  • clever renovation strategies
  • financial planning among shifting interest rates
  • rentvesting
  • cash buffers
  • and plenty more

Through anecdotes and examples, you will better understand my strategy and how it has evolved over the last few decades to adapt to the changing economic climates.

Click here to discover more about Tyron Hyde, Washington Brown and the Ten With Ty podcast.

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