Is the time right for you?

If you’ve held property over the last few years, there’s a good chance you might have experienced 10, 20 or even 30 per cent growth. This growth is now potential equity you can use to fund your next investment.

You shouldn’t pay tax when you extract that equity as you haven’t sold anything. You may be able to use that equity for:

  1. 20 per cent deposit
  2. 5 per cent stamp duty and other expenses
  3. Buyers agent fees
  4. Funding the difference between rent and mortgage so your lifestyle doesn’t suffer from additional purchases

Property investing is never a one size fits all strategy and so it’s important to get some advice specific to your circumstances. Not all advisers are the same and many might give you generalised advice.

Financial Adviser: “As you already own a home, you should diversify and buy some shares instead.” A financial adviser might recommend this because they won’t make any money on you buying a property but will make money from you buying shares.

Bank: “Pay off your home as soon as possible and then invest after that.” Rather than paying $1 off your home loan, aren’t you better leveraging that dollar and buying $5 of property which rises by more than you might be saving?

Accountant: “Pay off your non-deductible debt first.” The little interest you save from paying off your debt first is nothing compared to what you could make.

Your friends and family: “What if the market crashes? You’re better off doing nothing.” As much as they try and protect you, if you do nothing you’ve got a 100 per cent chance of not changing your life in the future.

A lot of success in property investing comes down to your strategy and implementation, which is what Your Empire does. However, we believe that you should surround yourself with properly qualified and experienced professional advisers who believe in your strategy and can advise you along that path.

As a Your Empire client, I can share with you the people that advise me in case you think it’s time to step up the team that supports you. If you want some help over your strategy or how you can access our independent advisers (which we take no commission from).

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