Property Investment Strategy – This Mistake Cost Me Millions

Property Investment Strategy: Million Dollar Mistake

Have you ever seen property promotion like this?

Property Promotion

It’s easy to get drawn into the hype of property investing with stories of people who “made a fortune in a few years” or retired after discovering lucrative “property hotspots”. While some make a fortune by promoting such over-hyped strategies (with little actual substance), that’s not my approach.

Which strategy do you think most people would choose:

Sounds exciting, no?


Yawn! Boring!

And that’s exactly what has cost me millions. If I had hyped up my message and put on a show with social media advertising that promised the world, I’m sure people would be jumping all over our buyer’s agent service.

I’ve paid multiple marketing companies to assist in my messaging but they don’t last long, because the message they want me to send just isn’t true for me.

To be honest, I’m pretty sick of seeing those ads online that promise “secret property hotspots” and a great load of other rubbish that is simply there to play on the emotions of people who want an easy way out.

I believe in creating wealth slowly through a smart property investment strategy. The goal is to structure portfolios correctly so clients enjoy gradual growth, which compounds over time.

My property investment strategy is simple. I don’t hide anything.

Property Investment Strategy - Buy when you can afford it
Property Investment Strategy - Maintain a cash buffer for unforeseen circumstances
Property Investment Strategy - Hold on for the long term

Investing in property won’t make you rich overnight.

Let me say that again…

Anyone who tries to make you think otherwise is selling snake oil.

People massively overestimate what they can make in the short term (of say, a few years) and incredibly underestimate what they can make in the long term (three or four decades) if they simply “buy and hold”.

If someone tries to tell you there’s a “short cut”, run. Run fast.

I’m not saying people haven’t made money with all sorts of investment strategies. That’s just not what we do. It’s not what I do for my family portfolio. It’s not what we do for clients.

No one has a crystal ball, so no one can possibly know which suburbs are going to boom next. Even then, would you be able to rent your property out and more importantly, what would it be worth if you wanted to refinance or sell?

Property Investment Strategy - Chris Gray's Quote

Typical properties in my portfolio and those we buy for clients (using Sydney as an example):

  • Blue Chip locations a few km outside the CBD
  • 2nd hand
  • Median priced
  • 2 bedroom apartments (will be different depending on location)
  • With parking

All too often I see people making simple mistakes when it comes to property investing that they inevitably regret later.


  • Follow recent trends
  • Buy into “boom” areas
  • Buy into massively hyped areas, like mining towns
  • Believe sales pitches made from slick salesmen in expensive suits and/or driving expensive cars

As for sales pitches, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many property spruikers try to convince people to buy “off the plan” simply because they make a hefty commission themselves.

You absolutely MUST know this stuff before you dive into a property market!

Our team is here to help you navigate the property investment journey, avoiding the hype and focusing on the fundamentals. If you need advice, support or guidance, please don’t hesitate to book a confidential chat with our expert strategy team.

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