Chris Gray’s tips for climbing the property ladder

When you’re starting out and have limited financials it is tough but the sooner you get on the ladder, the sooner your equity grows and you can start duplicating. Caution: the quicker you try and double your money, the sooner you’re likely to fall over, slow and steady is the key to winning the race.

5 renovation fails that you really need to avoid

For those who get bitten by the renovation bug it’s easy to ignore what can go wrong. With a lack of planning and uncertainty around the market you’re aiming to appeal to, dreams of success can quickly turn into a less than desirable reality. Here are some of the failures you need to steer clear of if you want to remain on the right side of the profit line.

Buying into a Self-managed Strata Scheme

We are seeing properties that are self-managed much more frequently. Self-managed properties generally are blocks of less than 6 units where the unit owners try to save the money of the management fees by delegating the work to one or more of the unit owners. So what does this mean for the investment buyer?

Would you rather buy a $500k property?

If you look at the latest Residex property figures you will have seen that residential units in Sydney have risen around 14% in the last 12 months to July 2014.

That means a typical $750k – $1m, 2 bed unit is $100-140k more expensive than it was last year.

House with 'For Sale' sign - Illustration depicting 'Five Reasons Why' a house didn't sell

House Didn’t Sell: Five Reasons Why

The house didn't sell due to incorrect pricing. People are emotionally attached to their own houses, especially if they’ve lived there for a long time, which often leads them to thinking it’s worth more than it is. You need to take a step back, look at it unemotionally and get the opinions of independent experts in order to know its true value and set a realistic price. You hired the cheapest...

A smart investor analyzes a property bargain opportunity, weighing long-term benefits and risks for optimal investment strategy.

Bargain – Why Do Smart Investors Shy Away From Hotspots?

Everyone loves a bargain, and a bargain in a property hotspot is even better. A cheap property in a booming area can seem like a great buy as it provides an affordable starting point into the property market and a way to gain immediate equity. However, these bargains may only be profitable in the short term. Investors need to keep the long term gain in mind.

For rent real estate sign in front of the house with the title 'Renting is dead money'

Renting: For Richer or Poorer?

Everyone knows renting is dead money – right? But what if this long held Australian belief is actually wrong? How do the numbers actually compare when weighting up a lifetime of renting Vs buying? Who at the end of the day is likely to be better off?

An image of Sydney with the title 'Sydney Property Market'

Sydney Property Market: Are the Rich Getting Richer in 2016

There’s lots of talk in the media about the market coming off the boil, clearance rates dropping and speculation that there will be bargains around the corner.

Unfortunately I don’t see it that way, especially if you are looking for median priced properties in the blue chip inner city suburbs around Sydney. You need to remember there’s more than one property market and it all depends on what and where you’re buying. Read more…

Invest in Real Estate Concept with the title, Rentvestor

Are you a Rentvestor?

Last weekend I spoke at the Sydney property Expo about the concept of renting your family home (as opposed to buying it) and building a portfolio of investment properties instead.

Property investment concept: Coins in jar on wooden table background with 'Rental Yield or Capital Gain' title

Rental Yield or Capital Gain: Should You Invest for Them?

One of the biggest dilemmas in property investing circles is whether you should invest for rental yield or capital gain. This is a debate that will probably never be won – it really does depend on your investment timeframe, your other income, cash flow and the amount of equity you have available, and most importantly your attitude towards risk.

Man celebrating investment property success with arms raised in victory with the title 'Investment Property'

Investment Property Is Your Ticket to Freedom

People looking at buying their first investment property often tell me they are concerned it will limit their financial freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth: property investment is a ticket to freedom and one way to ensure you’re financially set up for a comfortable retirement.

Buyer's Agent and Client shaking hands with the title 'Buyer's Agent'

How Much Will A Buyer’s Agent Save Me?

Whether you have dozens of investment properties under your belt or are looking for your first, it’s always a good idea to consider enlisting the services of a buyer’s agent. Of course, one of the many things that make people hesitate at the thought of getting a buyer’s agent is money.

A bag of money next to the up arrow with the title 'Capital Growth Tips'

Capital Growth: 10 Tips for Maximizing Yields

In under a decade, well-chosen properties in key hubs of Australia generally double in their value and produce consistent yields – and this was part of the key to my success. Click here to know the 10 points that will help you achieve high capital growth and yields in your own property investments.

Investment Property

6 Steps to Buying an Investment Property

If you’re just about to embark on buying your first investment property, here's some tips and ideas that might help you on your way. The title does say “your first investment property” but we've had plenty of positive feedback from those that already have a few properties under their belt so hopefully there's some great tips for everyone. We apologise as this webinar is no longer available. Why...

Someone holding a house with the title 'Property Portfolio'

Property Portfolio: What, Where and How to Build

In this seminar, we will cover the following topics;

- Current state of the property market

- Buying new versus old and house versus unit

- How to get the right loan structure and make the banks work for you?

- Different tax structures to buy property in – individual, trusts & super

- How to streamline the buying process to make it stress free?

- The key factors to consider when buying property

Yellow light bulb standing on top of a ladder with the title 'Successful investors'

Successful Investors’ Mindset

How are some people able to achieve what so many others can’t? Why have they been successful beyond the wildest dreams of many in the same situation? Have they been gifted a large sum? Or earn a huge salary?

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