Adding Value, Not Risk

When considering what work is required to an investment property, whether this is done prior to purchasing it as part of the astute investor’s feasibility, or when looking to improve the value of an existing asset, it is easy to get carried away with spending money on capital items without considering risk.

Little cost, big yield

Property owners can substantially increase the cashflow from their investments – and accelerate the growth of their property portfolio – by doing minor and often inexpensive improvements.

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Just to let you know I have a new show on Sky News Business Channel called “Your Property Empire”. It airs from 6.30pm through to 7pm every Friday night and includes:

The latest property news

Purchase or Pass – My take on the pros and cons of specific investment properties

Strategy review of a viewers property plan

Property statistics from around the country with Charles Tarbey, CEO of Century 21

Market Update – Who should you be listening to?

It’s hard to know where to turn these days. A number of top stories were released this week that provided an insight into our economic and property markets. Banks were up, rates were down. That’s all well and good some say, but without the driving force of confidence, are we doomed for decline?

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How your home can make you rich

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s more of a get-rich-slow scheme. But it works and it has withstood the test of time, throughout several boom and bust cycles in the Australian property industry.

Gifts From Times Past

Parts of America and Europe may have the festive look and feel of Christmas but even with all that snow and quaintness, Australia is the gift that keeps on giving.

7 Principles for Investing into 2013

Although you’ll hear all about New Years Resolutions come January, for me that’s a little too late. Here are my 7 investment principles to help you frame your property strategy so that you can hit the ground running for 2013...

Buying Property In Super Seminar – March 5th 2013

Having contributed to the Switzer Super Report throughout 2012, I’m going to be looking at some of the more popular SMSF topics such as:

- Why property is an ideal investment for Super

- Avoiding the pitfalls of property investment through Super

- What types of properties make the best investment for retirement?

- Should you be looking at positive or negatively geared property?

- Do you still have time to take advantage of property in Super?

Positive Cash Flow or Capital Gain?

There’s been an ongoing debate in property investing circles about whether you should invest in positive cash flow properties (those where the rent is more than your mortgage) or capital gain ones (those where the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage, but tend to rise more in value). Let’s examine objectively which option would suit investors best.

Mining Towns Losing Their Shine?

Recently there have been some stirrings around mining town investments as vacancy rates in key areas have started to increase. Combine this with the recent findings in the ABS’s Australian Social Trends Report and we start to get a clearer picture that the tide may be turning for mining towns.

Looking for an edge in the property market?

Hot topics we cover include:

- How do the professionals search and negotiate for property?

- What do professional property buyers do differently to the general public and why?

- Established property vs. new – what works and what doesn’t?

- What’s the best way to secure a deal in a hot market?

- How can I make money from renovations?

Are There Profits To Be Made In Executive Leasing?

Executive rentals are appealing to many investors because they often attract higher rents. The reason is that they appeal to a niche market: executives who relocate from interstate or overseas for work but don’t want to live in a hotel, nor do they want the hassle of moving their own furniture.

The ten commandments of property investing

Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice looking to break into the market, my top ten rules can help you to buy smarter and achieve better returns in the long term. These tips form the backbone of my strategy for Empire clients and for my personal investments.

Monthly Market Update

The property market is performing very well at the moment. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that in the first four months of 2013 loans for the purchase of owner-occupied homes rose 8.3% compared to the same period last year and 12.6% higher than two years ago. Investors are especially active with investment loans up 18.3% compared to last year and 25.7% compared to two years ago.

Houses vs Units

Land accumulates and buildings depreciate – follow that rule and most investors would always buy a house. But is it really that simple?

The wisdom of old men

Experience can provide wonderful lessons to those willing to learn, and as a man who has recently entered his mid-30’s, I have noticed brief glimpses of insight into life that make me think the quirkiness of my grandparents may in fact be pure genius.

Property Sales Demystified

Every vendor wants to achieve the best possible price for their property when it goes to market; however the majority remain confused about the best sales technique to get results.

Keeping An Eye On Property Supply

While many investors are keen to identify areas of strong demand, it’s equally important to understand the supply side of the equation and how an increase in development in an area can effect long term price growth.

Building a Support Squad

Nobody is an expert at every endeavor. It makes sense to focus your time on what you excel on, while bringing in professionals to help with other tasks and commitments. Most of us don’t bat an eyelid outsourcing to personal trainers, cleaners, even dog walkers – so why wouldn’t you bring in professional help when outlaying significant amounts of money to invest in property?

Be Careful of What You Read

One of the biggest challenges we face as buyers agents specialising in certain areas is the press. Now I’m not saying that property related articles in newspapers are bad; in fact they are a great research tool to add to your arsenal.

7 inexpensive ways to add value to your property

For those that have ever done a renovation before, you’ll know that projects can easily run over the time and budget you had set aside. So whether you’re looking to improve the home you live in or add some extra value to your property before you sell, it’s wise to consider some improvements that will give you the best bang for your buck without having to engage a full blown construction company.

An Unemotional Buyer Is An Astute Buyer

Whether shopping for a property or a sharp suit it’s easy to be blinded by unimportant trimmings or advocates for the other side, including aggressive sales people! One of the ways to overcome this is to build your own independent team who will help clear the mist and lead you to secure long-term financial success.

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