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Property Tips – Buying Property Safely

I couldn’t believe this video was 9 years old! But what didn’t surprise me was that the information inside is still completely relevant.

You want to know the most interesting thing about the video?

Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray

2: Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray – What is classified as wealthy

What Is Classified as “Wealthy”? In today’s clip taken from my recent podcast interview with Kerwin Rae, I share how much money you need today to be wealthy. The answer might just surprise you, because it sure as heck is a lot different from the answer just a few decades ago.

Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray

1: Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray – Intro

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share with you segments from a recent podcast I did as a guest one of Australia’s leading coaches, Kerwin Rae. Today is simply the show introduction to give you an idea of what the podcast is about and what to expect from the interview itself.

Santa Xmas

It’s not too late to buy before Christmas

The silly season is almost upon us and the shops are full of festive decorations. There’s only a handful of weeks left before Christmas and so many buyers have given up on their thoughts of buying a home or investment property in 2019. But all is not lost, there is still time and it could actually be the best time to be buying, not the worst.

Dent Blog Image - Chris Gray

Dent Podcast with Glen Carlson: How to Live a Life of 5-Star Luxury without Being a Billionaire

In this episode, we get into all of this too…

- How Chris has built his life around living the dream of luxury

- Chris’s personal investing strategy

- The buying agency, Your Empire, that he runs

- The mindset of Chris putting his lifestyle first and how he makes that work in business

- How he refined his niche

- Why he moved away from just being a speaker and trainer, working with people who want to do it themselves versus building a complete do-it-for-you solution

- Chris’s fear of speaking yet why he still hosts a weekly show on Sky News

- Specifics around his philosophy on outsourcing

- His focus on how he has evolved his pitch and publishing strategy

- How Chris went about raising his profile online and in media

- Philosophies on creating joint ventures, partnerships and alliances

Australian Property Investment Podcast - Chris Gray

Australian Property Investment Podcast: Growing a large property portfolio: do you have what it takes?

In this episode, we also spoke about:

- My journey as a property investor

- Buying a property 7x my income

- Advice received on handling finances

- Looking at things as a business instead of a hobby

- Getting declined, being better informed and determination on seeking for a bank that would help

- Insights on banks’ preferences on properties approved for loans

- Advice for first-time investors

- Jumping in, making mistakes and ideal targets

- Different possible scenarios in the market

- Education, advisers and trying something new

- Lifestyle changes and benefits from getting into the business of real estate

Peter Switzer and Chris Gray interview

Peter Switzer and Chris Gray talk Property

We cover topics including:

- The rebounding property market

- Why blue chip apartments continue to be a good investment

- How the market shifted before and after the federal election

- Rental rates and property tenants

Chris Gray - Rent vs Own

Why I Choose to Rent Rather than Own Property

A lot of people ask me, “if you’re successful in property investing, why do you rent where you live rather than own your own home”?

The answer might surprise you, but it has everything to do with the numbers.

What Do You Think Chris?

What Does Chris Think – Episode 3

This week, Sydney buyer’s agent Chris Gray takes a close look at two recent sales from Clovelly, located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. Watch over Chris’ shoulder as he dissects each property’s pro’s and con’s.

What Do You Think Chris?

What Does Chris Think? – Episode 2

Today, Chris takes a look at two apartments recently sold that are located in Bondi Beach and Coogee, then breaks down why they were or were not considered as investments for Your Empire clients.

How I got started in property

When I was in my early twenties, I went on a trip to Australia as a backpacker. I fell in love with the country, the people and definitely the weather.

Will you pay too much tax this year?

We’ve only got a day left until the end of the tax year and if you would like to reduce your tax this year, next year and for many other years then you might need to make a decision.

Adding Value, Not Risk

When considering what work is required to an investment property, whether this is done prior to purchasing it as part of the astute investor’s feasibility, or when looking to improve the value of an existing asset, it is easy to get carried away with spending money on capital items without considering risk.

Put Cash In Your Pocket With a Renovation Loan

Traditionally when you purchased an investment property you would apply for finance from the banks while the remaining costs such as stamp duty, legal fees and renovation costs would have to come out of your own pocket.

Little cost, big yield

Property owners can substantially increase the cashflow from their investments – and accelerate the growth of their property portfolio – by doing minor and often inexpensive improvements.

Tune in to my new show

Just to let you know I have a new show on Sky News Business Channel called “Your Property Empire”. It airs from 6.30pm through to 7pm every Friday night and includes:

The latest property news

Purchase or Pass – My take on the pros and cons of specific investment properties

Strategy review of a viewers property plan

Property statistics from around the country with Charles Tarbey, CEO of Century 21

Financial Game Changer #2: Using Principal & Interest Loans

I was always told that as an investor I should be using Interest Only loans as they made my payments more affordable and I could leverage into the next property quicker. Reality has proven different though and there is hidden value in using a Principal & Interest Loan.

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with renovations?

With a myriad of renovating shows now appearing on television and the mixed results that some of these projects have achieved as they’ve fallen under the hammer, I thought it best to focus on the most effective renovation strategy I have undertaken, and it’s not about making profit.

Insure your property against economic changes

Feeling ill at ease about investing in anything in an uncertain economic climate? Never fear, says TV property expert Chris Gray. His sure-fire strategy for investing in property is also a proven buffer for any economic condition.

Do What You Do Well And Leave The Rest To The Experts

Instead, you work hard at your chosen profession and hand over your car to the professionals; after all it’s the second most expensive item you’re ever likely to buy. The first most expensive (by far!) is property, so why not trust that to the experts too?

Women Taking Charge Of Their Retirement Lifestyle

Whatever your personal situation is, it’s important for all women, married and single, to take charge of their finances and build enough resources so that they can retire in style – and I mean early retirement of course!

Market Update – Who should you be listening to?

It’s hard to know where to turn these days. A number of top stories were released this week that provided an insight into our economic and property markets. Banks were up, rates were down. That’s all well and good some say, but without the driving force of confidence, are we doomed for decline?

Home Buyers Show

Come and see Australia’s leading property event dedicated to educating property buyers of all levels.

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