Accountants on Purpose - Chris Gray

Accountants On Purpose Podcast

In this episode we cover:

- Why the property market is changing since the election

- How Chris got started in the property market and was able to retire at age 31

- The challenges he faced trying to get people to realise that he knew what he was doing with property investments

- How helping people even when unpaid, is unbelievably rewarding

- Sorting out your finances can alleviate so many problems in your life

- Uncovering the biggest myth surrounding the property market

Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray

1: Kerwin Rae with Chris Gray – Intro

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share with you segments from a recent podcast I did as a guest one of Australia’s leading coaches, Kerwin Rae. Today is simply the show introduction to give you an idea of what the podcast is about and what to expect from the interview itself.

Santa Xmas

It’s not too late to buy before Christmas

The silly season is almost upon us and the shops are full of festive decorations. There’s only a handful of weeks left before Christmas and so many buyers have given up on their thoughts of buying a home or investment property in 2019. But all is not lost, there is still time and it could actually be the best time to be buying, not the worst.

Dent Blog Image - Chris Gray

Dent Podcast with Glen Carlson: How to Live a Life of 5-Star Luxury without Being a Billionaire

In this episode, we get into all of this too…

- How Chris has built his life around living the dream of luxury

- Chris’s personal investing strategy

- The buying agency, Your Empire, that he runs

- The mindset of Chris putting his lifestyle first and how he makes that work in business

- How he refined his niche

- Why he moved away from just being a speaker and trainer, working with people who want to do it themselves versus building a complete do-it-for-you solution

- Chris’s fear of speaking yet why he still hosts a weekly show on Sky News

- Specifics around his philosophy on outsourcing

- His focus on how he has evolved his pitch and publishing strategy

- How Chris went about raising his profile online and in media

- Philosophies on creating joint ventures, partnerships and alliances

Australian Property Investment Podcast - Chris Gray

Australian Property Investment Podcast: Growing a large property portfolio: do you have what it takes?

In this episode, we also spoke about:

- My journey as a property investor

- Buying a property 7x my income

- Advice received on handling finances

- Looking at things as a business instead of a hobby

- Getting declined, being better informed and determination on seeking for a bank that would help

- Insights on banks’ preferences on properties approved for loans

- Advice for first-time investors

- Jumping in, making mistakes and ideal targets

- Different possible scenarios in the market

- Education, advisers and trying something new

- Lifestyle changes and benefits from getting into the business of real estate

What Do You Think Chris?

What Does Chris Think – Episode 3

This week, Sydney buyer’s agent Chris Gray takes a close look at two recent sales from Clovelly, located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. Watch over Chris’ shoulder as he dissects each property’s pro’s and con’s.

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