Five Warning Signs That a Property May Be a Bad Investment

I am a firm believer that when it comes to property investment there isn’t one single ‘right strategy’ that suits everyone. Choosing a successful strategy should come down to your personality and, to end with the most positive result, the following should be taken into consideration: your attitude to risk, time availability, skill, and financial circumstances at that time.

Work/Life Balance Through Property

Most of us regard work-life balance as something of a holy grail; we’re on a continuous quest for it, we know it’s there, but somehow it continues to elude us.

Why buyers agents have a huge advantage

Why a Buyer’s Agent Has a Huge Advantage

I started helping people buy properties because they didn’t want the stress of trying to find properties that are rejected off-market, only to go head to head bidding against others who are willing to overpay on emotion.

Why Is Our Team So Important?

A common mistake first time investors make is that they don’t get the right advice and they don’t get the right people on their team.

Worse still… some people try to do it all themselves.

Manage property yourself - thumbnail

Can I Manage My Own Investment Property?

Even if you haven’t started investing in property, it’s really important you are well prepared for when you are ready to dive in. Especially when it comes to how your asset will be managed.

Your Empire Xmas Video

Merry Christmas from Your Empire 2020

Merry Christmas from myself, my family and the entire team at Your Empire.

2020 has been challenging for most, though 2021 could prove to be the best year of many people’s lives.

What Are the Finance and Tax Implications of Renovating an Investment Property?

I’ve received some interesting questions about renovations following my last blog post.

Here are some of the questions I received through the week:

– Are renovations tax deductible or a capital expenditure?

– Should I hire a quantity surveyor?

– Should I spend more money on an investment and renovate when I can afford it, or should I make sure I have enough money from day one to renovate straight away?

Renovating an Investment Property

This week, let’s start with:

– Do I buy properties that need a renovation?

– How much do I spend on renovations?

– What are the economics around renovations?

How Two Calls and One Email Saved Me $75k

Before you cry out “I hate click bait”, I need to be clear that the subject line for this email is the honest truth. In this email, I’ll tell you exactly how I did it and break down the numbers.

Accountants on Purpose - Chris Gray

Accountants On Purpose Podcast

In this episode we cover:

- Why the property market is changing since the election

- How Chris got started in the property market and was able to retire at age 31

- The challenges he faced trying to get people to realise that he knew what he was doing with property investments

- How helping people even when unpaid, is unbelievably rewarding

- Sorting out your finances can alleviate so many problems in your life

- Uncovering the biggest myth surrounding the property market

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