June 2024 Australian Property Market Update

Welcome to this month's episode, where we delve into crucial topics to enhance your financial strategy. Tune in as we explore:

✅ End Of Financial Year strategies: Essential considerations for maximizing returns.

✅ Interest rate updates: Stay informed on potential shifts and their impact.

✅ Property investment insights: Discover the key players to consult for informed decisions.

How to win at auction

How To Win At Auction

As a buyer's agent who focusses on the Sydney market, I try to avoid auctions whenever I can. Auctions are designed to play on human psychology and emotion to achieve the highest possible price for a property, which is often well beyond what a buyer was willing to pay.

How’s This for an Excuse?

Reflecting on property investment often leads to crossroads filled with "what if's" and "if only's", as shown in our recent survey. But it's not just property; these moments of hesitation touch every part of life—family, health, hobbies. It's those crucial decisions we've been putting off, the paths not taken, that linger in our minds.

May 2022 Property Market Update

This month’s topics of discussion:

– What does the election and interest rate rise mean for investors and home buyers?

– Why is there a decrease in stock levels?

– If someone has to sell a property what property should they target to offload?

– What will happen to property prices over the next 6 months?

– What does the decrease in auction clearance rates mean?

– Brisbane has seen a dip in clearance rates, what does this mean for the market?

Jon Sermon – New Head of Partnerships and Alliances

With over 18 years experience in Sales and Partnerships, Jon brings a level of expertise unsurpassed in the industry to help you reach your goals, having spent vast time within the payments industry, from foreign exchange to payment gateways. This brings a new level of nurturing and dedication to our valued referral network as Jon is here to help develop mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.

Buy Property Like a Pro – Webinar Replay with Ben Nash

Want to make smart property moves in 2022, but struggling to cut through all the noise and figure out what’s right for you?

Do you want to use property to get ahead, but aren’t sure how to find balance between growing your investments and living the lifestyle you want?

Worried about making a mistake that will cost you a bunch of money?

We’ve got you covered.

Property Market Update February 2022

– Last year the media and some of the economists were calling the top of the market and a major cooling off of prices, but has that happened?

– When will be the right time to buy?

– Will interest rates effect prices?

– How has the market opened in your area?

– Regional markets going off their heads?

– Predictions on when will be the right time to buy?

– Will interest rates effect prices?

Property Market Update November 2021 – Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane

This month:

How will the lift by APRA impact home and investment buying?

Core logic index results

Will we see the regional and coastal markets slow?

When will the year of selling/buying end? Typically, we close up in late December and don’t open back up till late January. Will it be different this year?

What’s the sentiment of agents and buyers at this point in the year?

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