Property Investor Dilemma: Should I add to my portfolio or consolidate what I have?

September 19, 2021

Recently, I sat down with Phil Tarrant from Smart Property Investment on their podcast. In this episode, discover how much property is enough and when you should consolidate, versus putting the foot down and buying more. Click here to view the original article on the Smart Property Investment website. Here is the excerpt from the episode:Banks love to lend money, but even if the financing is available, is there a point where property investors should consider limiting their portfolio size and focus instead on securing what they have?

Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant sits down with TV personality, author and buyer’s agent Chris Gray to discuss assessing investors’ relationships with debt. The duo weigh up if it’s worth continuing to add to your profile when you get to a level where it won’t materially improve your life. Added to that the increased risk if your circumstances change and your loan is larger than you can manage, Chris says it might be prudent for some investors to set a limit on the size of their portfolio.They also discuss why it’s not necessarily easier to get a loan as your property portfolio grows, and how to present yourself as a good prospect to banks, even with a high debt load.If you liked this episode, show your support by rating the podcast or leaving a review on Apple Podcasts and by following Smart Property Investment on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.For more content, chat and property tips, be sure to find me:Facebook: a free, confidential mini strategy session with our property expert Luis Lequerica: simply, get in touch with us today on our contact page to discuss your requirements.

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