How Much Rent Should I Charge For My Investment Property?

February 23, 2021

A question I get asked all the time is, "how much should I rent my property for?"It can be a confusing step when you first take your property to market... especially if you don't know who to ask, or indeed what questions to ask.In this short video, I go through a process of who to talk to and how to "test" managing agents, so that you find a great match for your property.Remember, not all managing agents are created equal!The question, if you already have investment property is...

"Is your property rented out for the correct price?"

Do you even know what your property is worth as a rental?I talk to a lot of people who spend hours upon hours researching items to buy just so they can save $20.Yet those same people are often renting out their investment properties for 20, 100 or even $200 (or more) PER WEEK UNDER MARKET VALUE.Quick maths, but $20 per week under value for your investment property costs you OVER $1000 per year. Ouch. $200 per week and it's over $10,000 per year.Sure, spend time saving money on the little items if you want, but I'd rather spend time maximising my income from the biggest investments I own.If you want to learn more about how I go about renting out my properties, then I'll be holding a casual webinar next week for those interested. I'll walk through my processes on how to find managing agents, how I get top dollar from happy tenants and even walk you through how I deal with over a dozen properties in my own portfolio.It will be held on March 1st, 2021 at 6pm Sydney local time, but you can join from anywhere in the world.Click here to register now. Registrations are open right up to the start of the event.For more content, chat and property tips, but sure to find me:Facebook: a free, confidential mini strategy session with our property expert Luis Lequerica: simply, get in touch with us today on our contact page to discuss your requirements.

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