How a 21 Year Old Purchased Two Properties in 12 Months

September 17, 2021

Last week, I introduced you to James Brown, the 21 year old who already has a property portfolio worth over $1m.It's not often you meet anyone (let alone a 19 year old) who actually listens to advice and takes action. I was so impressed with James, I hired him. He wasn't actually asking for a job, but I knew this guy was impressive. You know the old saying, "hire for attitude"? He had it in spades.

Your Questions Answered

This week I've received a few questions about James and his story and in particular how a 21 year old could afford to get into the property market without his parents giving him the deposit.So this week, I thought I'd share the two articles from that have featured James.The first article (from November 2020) outlines how he "thought outside the box" to get his first property and managed to come up with a deposit, when other people find excuses. It also includes some thoughts on purchasing through the pandemic.

James Brown - Your Empire

It wasn't just me who was impressed by the story.When the media got wind that this now 21 year old had purchased his second property, they jumped on the story.

James has already added well over $100,000 to his net wealth through the increase in property values since his first purchase.

There are some great nuggets of wisdom from James in this article that can help anyone on their property journey.

James Brown - Your Empire - 21 years old

People laughed when I purchased most of my portfolio during the GFC.I remember articles at the beginning of the pandemic that predicted property values would decrease by up to 50%.While others were predicting doom and gloom, smart investors were cashing in. Just think, during the pandemic, James has purchased over $1m of property and has now added well over $100,000 to his net wealth.I for one can not wait to see where James is in 10 years time. We're pretty glad he's now on the Your Empire team.For more content, chat and property tips, be sure to find me:Facebook: a free, confidential mini strategy session with our property expert Luis Lequerica: simply, get in touch with us today on our contact page to discuss your requirements.

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