This Person Purchased Two Properties Before 21, So I Hired Him

  • 2 years ago

Prior to the start of COVID, I received a phone call from a then 19 year old asking to have coffee with me.

I was intrigued, so I went.

At that coffee shop, I met what can only be described as “a kid with a dream”. He’d reached out to find experts who could help him. He didn’t really have a life plan or huge goals, he just knew he wanted to get started.

This young man was James Brown.

James had saved some money, though not enough for a property deposit and he was now a full time university student studying commerce.

So he started to think outside the box.

Shortly after, the world was introduced to COVID-19. Some people panicked. The stock market fell. People wondered if the property market was going to collapse.

If you weren’t aware, I purchased the majority of my portfolio during the GFC. My long term strategy is “buy and hold”, not “try to time the market”.

Whilst most people were panicking, James was planning.

During the height of the COVID chaos in early to mid 2020, James purchased his first property. Curious to find out how?

To say the least, I was impressed. Here’s a young man who had reached out to find an expert, listened to their experience, then took action immediately.

Fast forward a little more than 12 months and three things have happened.

1- The initial property he purchased in in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has significantly risen in value (because he followed contrarian thinking and didn’t listen to the “noise”).

2- James has purchased his 2nd property, this time by himself. How? He leveraged the equity in his first property, plus he took on work to show an income to the banks.

Which brings me to…

3- James now works as part of the team with Your Empire.

It’s great to see him helping clients take action and achieve their property goals too. I can’t wait to see how his story unfolds.

What’s your excuse?

If you especially are (or have kids who are) about the same age as James, reach out and I’ll get you in touch. Imagine being 21 and already having a portfolio worth over $1m?

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