How I Overcame Procrastination to Build a Property Portfolio

I posted this recently on my facebook page and got quite a response. Seems I hit a nerve with some people?

Procrastination cycle


I’ve never understood the logic behind procrastination.

Maybe that’s because I’m a former accountant and very logical and not very emotional.

When I used to work Deloitte back in 2001 I used to get my 40 hour job done in about 20 hours. How come?

Because every hour that I saved, meant I could go out looking at properties and doing deals. So I became super efficient – I didn’t sit around chatting, didn’t spend hours on google or social (not sure if those were invented then anyway!)

Luckily I had an understanding boss (thanks Deb) and as long as I hit my KPI’s and had no one complain that I wasn’t available or doing my job, she reasonably let me run my own show.

The result being, I managed to give up full time work at 31 in 2003 as my six properties were earning way more than I was.

What do you do to overcome procrastination and what’s your motivator?


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