Melissa Browning: Why Is This Such an Obstacle?

Like so many of our clients, Melissa Browning was struggling. She was an overwhelmed time poor professional with dreams of building a property portfolio and maybe one day being able to call her own shots in life.

(I don’t suppose you can relate?)

Along with her husband, they had embarked on an ambitious path, but something was missing. Something was crippling them from breaking through and making real progress.

Fast forward to today and the two have built a successful property portfolio, purely because Melissa Browning was able to overcome the one thing that cripples so many others.

No matter what the year or where I go, her story mirrors so many of the people I meet. Some break through. Others don’t.

Melissa Browning’s story of persistence and eventual (some may say inevitable) success encapsulates the transformation we strive for with all our clients.

And today, I’m incredibly proud to have her as a part of our team and also to share her journey with others.

So what one thing was holding her back?
What did she do to break through?

Here’s Melissa Browning to tell you a little more:

Melissa Browning - Contact details

A few years before joining the team at Your Empire, my husband and I were at a crossroads after just completing a painful two year renovation on the family home.

✅ Equity in our home? Check
✅ A desire to leverage it into property? Check
❌ A clear plan and confidence to make the leap???

well… not quite…

Melissa's Quote: "I was lost in a sea of information, opinions, and options."

Despite my market knowledge, I was paralyzed by indecision and didn’t take action for 2 long years.

I was overwhelmed with spreadsheets, was constantly refreshing real estate websites and was being tortured by the seemingly infinite amounts of inspections.

Here’s the one thing I decided to do that changed EVERYTHING…

After following Chris for almost seven years, I decided to book a strategy session with his team at Your Empire. Maybe they really did know something that I had missed this whole time?

Turns out, they did.

Very quickly, I chose Your Empire to help us find and buy our next property. I did this for three main reasons:

Chris and his team had been successfully buying property for themselves and for clients for decades in the areas I wanted to buy.

Their philosophy was simple, focused, and didn’t chase fads.

Friends who built a portfolio of five properties using Your Empire’s guidance recommended them wholeheartedly.

With Your Empire, we purchased our first investment property in 2020 – a simple, efficient process where we didn’t overpay.

Within a year, we leveraged equity from our first property to purchase a second one.

Today, I’m thrilled to be a part of Your Empire, helping others to build a property portfolio too.

So, who do I think can benefit from Your Empire?

  • Individuals or couples looking to buy property
  • Those feeling overwhelmed with so much “expert advice” out there
  • Anyone paralyzed with indecision about building a property portfolio
  • Families needing alignment in their property strategies

You don’t have to be lost at sea like we were. Just know that when the time is right, there’s almost always an easier way. For me, that started with booking a strategy session.

This story is the perfect illustration of what we aim to do at Your Empire. We strive to help you cut through the noise, make informed property decisions, and ultimately help you on your journey to build a successful property portfolio.

Melissa Browning is incredible at assisting clients break through the mental barriers they desperately want (and need) to, because that’s exactly what she had to do just a few short years ago. She has walked in your shoes. She had the excuses. But she also was brave enough to take the first step.

I believe we have a great deal of people in our community who relate to this story, and we’d love to help guide you on your property journey as well, just as we did for Melissa Browning herself.

To get started, book a free and confidential strategy session with our team of property experts. It’s time to turn your property aspirations into reality.

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