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Property Management

A successful property investor is one whose property works for them. Our expert property managers will look after your asset while ensuring a high rental rate, good tenants and peace of mind.

Whether you have one rental property, or a growing portfolio, chances are you just don’t have the time to manage it the way a professional property manager can. By getting an expert to take charge you can avoid around the clock phone calls about maintenance and not have to worry about chasing late rent.

While it may be tempting to find a property manager with the lowest rate, we believe that is a false economy. Better savings can be made in the long term through quality management.

Take a leaf out of Chris’ book, The Effortless Empire, and let your properties work for you. Although he has a portfolio worth more than $15 million, he typically takes less than 30 minutes a month overseeing it.

What can our expert property managers do for you?

  • Secure a higher rental rate for you when the market changes
  • Ensure the rent is paid on time
  • Navigate the complex legalities around being a landlord – a late notice or delayed communication with a tenant could give them the legal upper hand
  • See to maintenance issues as they come up to avoid growing repair bills
  • Keep tenants happy so you have fewer changeovers, which incur more costs
  • Assess and scrutinise tenant applications
  • Source and manage reputable contractors at the right price

We may get a fee from the introduction and so we don’t need to charge you anything for our time and involvement.

Property Renovation

Renovating your home or investment property can generate more equity, attract better tenants and improve capital growth. However, without professional guidance budgets and deadlines could blow out costing you thousands.

Renovations can be a fantastic way to increase the value of your property, but if they are not managed properly a project can cost far more than expected and take longer than anticipated. These could be expensive miscalculations that add up to thousands of dollars and weeks of your rental property being off the market.

We also know that it can be tempting to get emotionally involved in a renovation, but our experts can show you that thinking with the head (and not the heart) will lead to a more profitable renovation.

We can introduce you to our established a team of independent experts in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane who will manage the entire renovation process from start to finish. And by leveraging our buying power across a high volume of clients who are renovating at any one time, we can help you get your job on track and on budget.

We may get a fee from the introduction and so we don’t need to charge you anything for our time and involvement.

Independent valuation

Before commencing any work, we can arrange an independent valuation of your home or investment property to ensure a renovation would actually add significant value.

Some homeowners or investors could be tempted to make changes or additions in the hopes of cashing in later down the track, however without doing the numbers there could be a risk of under or over capitalising.

Fixed price

All work with our independent team of specialists is carried out to a high standard, with your deadlines and budget as their top priority. If in the unlikely event that the builder doesn’t finish on time, they’ll start paying you rent until the job is done. Money is a great motivator!


On completion of the renovation works, we can arrange an independent building report to be done. This is to give you the peace of mind that that all work has been carried out to Australian building standards.

Watch this before and after renovation project carried out by Your Property Empire:


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