Are You Lying to Yourself About Money? What Wealthy People Think About Money

If you mention the topic of money in your house, what stigma is attached to the conversation?

For most people, “money” is a dirty word. Conversations about money in most households are uncomfortable at best and at worst, can ruin families.

Think about you and your relationship with money? What does it conjure up?

Then think about this… for most wealthy people, they are happy to talk about money.


For me, I’m happy to share my figures, because people who are more successful than me can question why I do things the way I do and better still, show me where I can do better in the future.

One caveat. Notice how I said “people who are more successful than me”? Why would anyone take advice from someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to first? Yet still, everyday people take advice from well meaning friends, family and work colleagues.

If I listened to my work colleagues (back when I had a job), I’d still be working with them. That’s disturbing to me.

In this video, hear my thoughts about money in 1 minute. It’s taken from my online course “Build Your Property Empire”.

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