I Made Money Driving This Car

Unique Car - Vintage Devaux Automobile

About 18 months ago, I came across this unique car. When I saw the car, I knew I had to have it.

It looks like it’s straight out of the French countryside in the 1930’s, though was built in 2014 by an Australian company called Devaux Cars and has all modern componentry (and none of the headaches).

So a quick bit of due diligence on the actual value of the car and the car was mine. I negotiated a price that both the seller and I were more than happy with. A great deal for everyone.

The first thing I did was take it for a drive, of course. The looks of the car are incredibly deceiving. Underneath, it’s a modern machine, built for people who love to drive, though everything inside is built to look like a classic touring car. It’s an absolute pleasure to get behind the wheel and you simply can’t help but smile.

To be honest, it was a nice change to have something modern that didn’t break all the time!

Shortly after I took ownership of the vehicle, the second thing I did might surprise you…

“What?!” I hear you ask???

Well, this explanation is easy if you are able to think outside the box.

  • I’m in no rush to sell
  • I know what the value is
  • I know I paid a good price

So if someone else is willing to come along and pay the same or slightly more than what I did (after I’d had a chance to enjoy the vehicle of course), then why wouldn’t I sell?

Sure, a unique car like this at a price like this is never going to sell fast (usually), but that’s the point.

If the car is listed for sale, I can enjoy driving it and eventually, the right buyer will come along and at the very least, they’ll pay close to what I paid (or at best, pay more).

In the meantime, I get to enjoy driving one of the most unique cars in the world.

Although I had to garage the vehicle in Melbourne, I covered 7,000km in my 15 months of ownership.

With local compliance, it was simply too difficult to register in NSW as it’s such a highly modified machine. But that didn’t bother me. It just gave me an excuse to get to Melbourne for a drive and be able to enter the vehicle in events such as the Bullrush Rally.

Needless to say, wherever I took the car, it turned a lot of heads and people were constantly getting photos.

Whilst you have anything for sale, yes, you are probably going to get a few low ball offers, though this is simply from opportunistic people testing the water to see if it is a “stressed” sale.

In my case with this car (and my other cars), it’s definitely not. So because I have done this many times with other vehicles in the past, I know when buyers are serious by the first sentence they utter.

And a few months ago, I received a call. I could tell the voice was serious on the other end. I knew this was someone who genuinely wanted this unique car.

It’s an easy negotiation for me:

I’m not attached to the vehicle (and by the time a genuinely interested buyer picks up the phone, they might as well have mentally parked it in their garage in many cases).
I’m more than happy to walk away from the negotiation because I don’t care if it sells or not.
I know this is a unique car. There’s only 8 in the world like this one and even fewer with a hard top.

Now of course, this wouldn’t work on every type of car.

There’s a lot of cars that depreciate faster than you can imagine, so you need to be smart about it.

Plus what’s certain is that at any stage if I was forced to sell, I may have only recouped 50% of the cost, because buyers for something so unique with this amount of money aren’t just hanging around at the local Big-W.

After a short discussion and negotiation, we agreed to a price. The car was his. I imagine it’s going to someone even more excited than me to drive it and that makes me smile too.

For now, I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for my next vehicle.

If you’re interested, here’s the breakdown of my ownership:

Car purchased in 2022: $199k
Car sold in 2024 for: $209k
Owned for: 15 months
Kilometers driven: 7,000

Here’s the thing that blows most people’s minds:

I used equity in my properties to pay for this unique car. During ownership, my property continued to rise in value and when I sold, I sold the car for $10k more than I originally paid. So not only did I sell for $10k more, the equity in my property had increased almost 10% in that same period.

So effectively (when considering the growth in my property during the same time), I was paid to own this vehicle.

I’ve spent the last two plus decades sharing stories about how I think like a contrarian. It still blows my mind why more other people don’t do it too.

When you hang around other people that think outside the box, you start thinking outside the box too, because that sort of behaviour just becomes “normal”.

Remember, if you ever want to chat about strategies like this, book some time in my personal calendar and let’s talk.

Even booking a time for most people would be thinking outside the box.

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