How’s This for an Excuse?

When people are reflecting on the journey of property investment, have you ever noticed they encounter crossroads? Moments filled with “what if’s” and “if only’s”?

This was pretty clearly highlighted in the results of our property survey.

That got me thinking as to how this not only applies to property, though other areas of our life too.

Family, health, hobbies… those things you know you should do, but have been putting them off for way too long.

Heading: The Hindsight of Wisdom
Quote from Chris Gray - Your Empire: "The biggest learning curve in property investment isn't about mastering market trends or timing."

Not Buying More: The opportunity was there, but the leap was never taken.

Delaying the Start: Waiting for the perfect moment that never comes.

Yet, at every potential turning point, there seemed to be a compelling reason to wait just a little longer.

Sound familiar with life in general too?

Heading: The Excuse Hall of Fame

Generally in life, have you ever caught yourself at a social gathering or family catch up making excuses about why you haven’t done whatever it is you know you should have done?

“I’m going to get back into running this year, but my shoulder doesn’t feel quite right”


“I’ve got the gym membership, but with the kids, it’s impossible to get there”


“yeah, I probably am carrying a few extra kg, though this year I’m going to get back to my high school weight”

Sound familiar?

Making excuses makes us feel better about not doing what we know we should have done, because we don’t want to look like a fool.

I’ve seen plenty of excuses in the multiple decades since I started buying property too. Looking back, the reasons for hesitation were as varied as they were persuasive:

Global Financial Crisis: The fear of unprecedented financial doom.

Booming Market Caution: The skepticism of sustained growth.

Downturn Dread: Waiting for the elusive market bottom.

Policy Uncertainty: From banking commissions to elections, waiting out the political climate.

COVID-19 Uncertainty: The unprecedented global pause.

Serviceability Concerns: The ebb and flow of borrowing capacity.

Interest Rate Anxiety: Speculating on market crashes with every rate hike.

The Myth of the Mortgage Cliff: Overestimating the impact of rate changes.

With life in general, excuses might cost you health, or quality of life.

In property, at least in 2023, sitting on the sidelines meant missing out on significant gains. A year that began with so many “experts” (and by “experts”, I mean friends, family and anyone else who had an opinion) saying that the property market was going to suffer massive losses, ended up being a bounty of a windfall for those that ignored the noise.

A windfall of about (on average, in Sydney for example) $100,000 for every $1 million opportunity owned.

  • and that’s not to mention the astronomical growth in Perth and Brisbane where growth rates were 18.3% and 15.6% respectively for the last 12 months.

Here’s the CoreLogic data from around the country released at the start of the month.

CoreLogic Home Value Index Released 01 March 2024
Heading: Embracing 2024: No More Excuses

We may well be able to learn from the past, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t change it. All we can change is how we are going to respond today and into the future.

As you look forward, you have the opportunity to shift your perspective from hesitation to action.

  • Go for a run
  • Allocate time with your family
  • Allocate time to yourself
  • Take a class in something you are passionate about
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make a single healthier choice with just one food item
  • Do something!

and yes… some of these are reminders for myself.

Inflation’s Silver Lining: There’s a definite downward trend. Traditionally, this hints at more manageable interest rates ahead. If that does materialise, then it would mean property holding costs become more palatable.

Rising Rents: An upward trend in rental yields is currently supporting higher holding costs.

Improved Serviceability: Easing assessment criteria could mean access to better properties.

Australia’s Growing Population: A steady influx of newcomers is increasing demand for housing.

Scarce Land Supply: Particularly in prime locations, this underscores the value of strategic investments.

Heading: My Three Decades of Insight: Buy, Hold, Prosper

The cornerstone of my investment philosophy since I started over 30 years ago has been simple yet effective. I only buy when the following three bricks are in place:

  1. I have the deposit
  2. I can secure financing
  3. I have a large enough cash buffer to get through at least the next few years.

I’ve always said it’s probably too simple for clever people. That’s why it has worked for me.

So how are we going to make our lives better this year? Health? Family? Property?

If you’re curious about your next step with property, why not dive deeper into your property investment strategy? Book a time for a one-on-one discussion and let’s see what your future could look like. It’s completely free. What do you have to lose?

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