Hire an Expert – How I Multiply My Time

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Being lazy has made me a fortune.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always searched for the easiest way to do things and get the best result. Looking back, I just wasn’t smart enough to overthink why I wouldn’t at least try?

I look around at people all the time and constantly ask myself, “why are they doing that when they can hire an expert to do it for less than what they get paid?

Or… “why are they doing that when they can hire an expert for $X and get a return of $5X?

Hire an Expert for Toilet Repair - 'The Leaking Toilet'

If I have a leaking toilet, I go straight to a plumber I have a relationship with. Some have helped me with investment properties, some with renovations and others I know through family and friends.

I mean, a two second Google search shows that fixing a leaking toilet costs around $150 (and obviously goes up from there depending on the severity of the situation).

Yet I still see people trying to save that $150 by fixing a toilet for themselves, rather than getting a qualified plumber out to do it for them while they spend time with their family.

In fact, DIY toilet repair videos have MILLIONS of views on Youtube…

Those are not clickable images above by the way. I’m wondering how many people go so sidetracked they tried to click on the videos to learn how to fix a toilet???

If your hourly rate is $50/hr and you want to do a “simple” toilet fix, you will need (conservatively):

  • $100: 2 hours of tutorial finding and watching
  • $500: Tools and materials (you may already have some of these, so this cost could be as low as a few dollars)
  • $100: 2 hours to go to travel to the hardware store, pick up the materials and return (it always takes longer than you think)
  • $100: 2 hours for the “simple” repair, clean up and pack away (if you are lucky)

And if (and that’s a huge IF) you are able to repair the toilet because your problem just happens to be identical to the one in the video, with exactly the same toilet model and you are able to use exactly the same equipment…

You’ve still done an amateur job which would be completely sub standard and no better than a plumber doing their very first day on the job (in fact, the apprentice plumber would be much better because they would have studied the trade before).

Your simple toilet repair:

  • Costs: $800!
  • Is a sub standard non professional job
  • And also cost you an entire day of your valuable weekend

Compared to paying an expert $150 to do it for you.

Plus, your dodgy repair might fail well before a professional job would, or you might discover that this was not a simple job in the first place (but had no idea of knowing because…

Why do people do this?!?!

Hire a plumber! A person who does this every single day. They can do it in their sleep. They can do a professional job.

If it turns out the job is far more technical than it first seemed… they can handle that too!

And ironically, it actually ends up costing you WAY LESS than trying to do it yourself.

If you don’t already know one, go onto https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/, or https://hipages.com.au/. Get out the yellow pages, for crying out loud. I don’t care. Just stop doing these tasks for yourself thinking you are “saving”.

This is step one of “outsourcing”.

Then start to think…

It’s not a COST. It’s an INVESTMENT.

Your ROI (Return On Investment) should come in one of two ways:

  • Hiring an expert makes you more money than it cost to hire them.
  • Hiring an expert gives you your time back to spend with your family, friends, or however you want (remember, time is a limited resource).
Hire an Expert for Strategic Outsourcing - Leveraging Expertise

For me, I’d always rather hire an expert to do tasks I don’t want to:

  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Mowing
  • Washing the cars

But I also understand that hiring experts that can help me make money is a smart investment:

  • Accountants
  • Sales team
  • Financial advisors
  • Property buyer’s agents

If you’re really smart, you outsource to people who do both:

  • Give you back your time AND help you make money!

Outsourcing has transformed not just my weekends, but my approach to business and life. It’s about prioritising what’s truly important and making strategic decisions that benefit me and my family. So, I encourage you to look at your own to-do list.

What could you outsource to make more room for what truly matters?

Of course, if you ever want to discuss how you can leverage buying property too, book a time directly into my calendar and let’s talk.

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