Goals: Don’t Let Others Set Yours

Setting Goals

If you’re not setting your own goals…

Someone else is setting them for you!

If you wander aimlessly through life without setting goals for yourself, guess who sets your goals for you… maybe even without you knowing it?

  • Your boss
  • Your workplace
  • The banks
  • The government

To me, that sounds like a terrible idea.

For some people, they go through life constantly telling everyone how hard it is. They find value in playing the Victim.

I don’t suppose you know anyone like that?

It’s easy for them to justify why things don’t go their way, or why they never have money, or why things are always hard.

Wealthy and successful people I know don’t do this… ever.

They realise at the end of the day that they are the only ones who can actually control how they feel and what they do.

The moment you figure that out for yourself, your life will change.

Take control. When you accept that you are responsible for your life and the results you get, you’ll be shocked how quickly things change for the better.

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. You can continue to be bullied and pushed around if that’s easier to justify.

If 2023 is the time to turn a new page and to take back the wheel of your life, then maybe you need to start by punching a brand new and exciting destination into the GPS.

Maybe setting some BASIC goals is a good place to start. They don’t have to be massive like:

  • World peace
  • Make $1 billion
  • Clean up the world’s oceans

Unless you are already in a position to make this sort of thing happen, chances are you will:

  • Set the goal
  • Discover how hard it is
  • Discover how much time it will take
  • Have a few setbacks
  • Get discouraged
  • Realise it’s not realistic
  • Not even bother taking another step
  • Complain that “goal setting doesn’t work”

Start with something small, like:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Going for a walk
  • Cooking a meal

Once you figure out how goal setting works, you can start to “ramp up” what you are trying to achieve.

Check out this video below and discover this well tried and tested method of setting goals that actually works!

Everyone makes this at some point and usually very early on in their goal setting career…

They give up too soon.

Give your goals a chance. If you don’t achieve it:

  • Go back
  • See where it went wrong
  • Then reset and rewrite the goal in a different way
  • Put a NEW date on the NEW goal

Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone misses goals at some point. But usually you find yourself better off for trying in the first place.

Once you figure out that reaching the goal itself isn’t actually the best part about goal setting, you are well on your way. We’ll talk about that another time.

Make 2023 better.

And remember, if you need help, our entire team is here.

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