Fast Track – The Number One Reason The Richer Get Richer

Have you ever sat back and wondered what people who were more wealthy than you do differently? I have.

Turns out they play a different “game”.

Indulge me today and let’s consider “life” as a “game”.

In life, there are “rules” whether you like them or not.

The main rules are more commonly known as “laws”. If you don’t abide by them, you pay the consequences.

Now when it comes to playing any game, you have two options:

Invariably, the people who study the game, learn the rules and manipulates them to their advantage are going to beat people who simply roll the dice and play passively with no strategy.

The same is true for “life”.

Have you ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki and his board game “Cash Flow”?

Cash Flow - Board game by Robert Kiyosaki featuring the Rat Race and Fast Track boards

If you are not familiar with the game, there’s actually two “boards”. The first is called the “Rat Race” and the second is called the “Fast Track”.

In the Rat Race, it’s a constant struggle to get ahead. Expenses keep piling up, and the harder you try, the harder it is to escape.

On the other hand, people in the Fast Track enjoy access to investments and opportunities that keep making money, so the rich get richer.

I’ve seen people play this game and say “it’s unfair”, or quit in rage… and the same is true for life in general.

Most people simply give up on trying to get to the Fast Track (in the game and in real life) because:

  • Life is unfair
  • They can’t get ahead
  • They blame their family
  • It’s their spouse’s fault
  • It’s their bosses fault

It’s always someone else’s fault that they don’t get ahead.

What if it wasn’t someone else’s fault? What if you had the power to change and create a different future?

It’s not as simple as the board game granted, though what is true is that you will need to make (often) hard decisions that others around you may not understand.

I remember someone saying to me years ago, “show me the wealth of the five people you spend most time with and I’ll show you how much you are worth without you telling me”.

I didn’t exactly ditch my pub going friends when I first heard this, but what what I understood was that I needed to start hanging out more with (and getting advice from) people who were where I wanted to be, not from people who were where I was, or where I did not want to be.

Today, I only take advice from “experts” in their field or who are in a position that I ultimately want to work towards.

What about you?

  • Where are you getting your advice from?
  • Do you pay for advice on important factors?
  • Do you know anyone more wealthy than yourself that you can sit down with and ask questions of?

It’s never too late. You’re never too old. Don’t ever be too proud.

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