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Questions About Our Service

When Your Empire represents you as your property buyer’s agent, we work exclusively for you, so there is never any conflict of interest.

We want to make sure you are comfortable in understanding that we have no vested interest and receive no benefits or commissions when negotiating specific properties or with specific agents. 

Our aim is to help make your investments as successful as possible, so that you come back to us for multiple property purchases. We both win when your property portfolio grows.

Your Empire specialises in clients living abroad, whether they are Australian citizens or foreigners. 

Many of our international clients have successfully purchased a family home in Australia before moving here, though we have also helped build others property portfolios as well.

Yes, we are happy to buy both residential and commercial properties to fit your needs. Our investment decisions are based upon your goals.

Buyer’s agents should save you (and help make you) money (and they certainly will save you time and headaches).

They know the exact buying process, have relationships with selling agents and dedicate their lives to understanding a property market.

Good buyer’s agents never overpay for a property. They often purchase property for clients off-market and save untold amounts of money and headaches.

All you need to do is tell them what you are after, sit back, let them do all the work and you simply approve the purchase.

Compare that to trying to buy property yourself.

Real estate agents are going to extract every single dollar out of your emotional pocket… usually after buyer’s agents have already seen the property and decided it’s not a good purchase for their clients.

If you’re buying property for yourself, prepare to wrestle with countless property inspections, then have to organise reports, deal with conveyancers and hope you haven’t been ripped off (or missed a key step or piece of information about the property).

Some people spend months (or longer) dealing with these processes only to be disappointed time after time (and end up spending way more than they could have).

So if you want to spend months trying to figure it out for yourself, only to purchase a property that we passed on for our clients and end up overpaying on the property for good measure… sure… you can save the buyer’s agent fee… and we wish you the best of luck.

Generally speaking, the answer is “no”. 


If someone can get you a “bargain” property well below the market value, there’s almost always something wrong and that should raise red flags as a buyer.

Why would anyone be willing to sell a property for “well under” market value unless there was a problem with the property (or worse)?

We focus on buying blue-chip investments and negotiate the best possible prices for family homes at or below market value. 

However, it’s vital to understand…

Our observation is that a vast majority of properties in a blue chip market sell for 5-10% above market value and even more in boom times.

So buying at market value can often be a feat in itself and should save you a good $50-100k on a $1m property, which more than outweighs our fee.

We purchase properties for clients based on an independent market valuation every time. No exceptions. Sure, we have the negotiating skills to get the best possible price, though if you’re trying to buy property at unrealistic prices, then we can’t help you.

If anyone else says they can, then we wish you the best of luck.

Blue chip properties have consistently shown growth over long periods of time. They are purchased in an area which should remain less affected by external influences than non blue chip areas. The question you need to ask is “should there be an ongoing demand to live in this area despite what might happen to the economy or local industries”?

I’m not interested in short term gains, or inflated rental yields. I’m interested in a safer, more secure long term growth that continues despite external economic influences.

The strategy might sound boring (especially compared to those spruiking “hot spots” and “growth areas”), though we prefer to find our clients good solid blue chip investments and family homes. We’d rather find properties that have shown a long history of consistent capital growth rather than build risky portfolio’s based on pure speculation (no matter how convincing someone’s argument might be).

This really comes back to the previous answer. Your Empire’s strategy is to always prefer to buy properties in blue chip locations.

Many times, we have asked people to share their “biggest regrets” in property and every time we are overwhelmed with the outpouring from people who had been led to invest in multiple “affordable” properties in regional (and/or highly speculative – such as mining) areas.

Admittedly, if you got in and out at exactly the right time, you might have made money. Everyone else saw year on year of limited or (in some cases shared with me) negative capital growth.

Property can be a rollercoaster at the best of times, though blue chip areas have historically shown to be one of the most consistent and reliable growth investments money can buy.

We’re not gamblers. We’re in this for the long term. Our team would rather go with long term, consistent (and historically proven) capital growth. We’re confident that in 20 years from now, Bondi (for example) property would have steadily increased in value from today… just as it has done for decades gone by.

Unfortunately, there’s no blanket answer for this one, though what we can tell you is that there are options even if your bank (or tier 1 lender) has said “no”. In fact, there are many options, though it all comes down to the individual.

The only way to answer this is to deal with it on a case by case basis.

Book your own private strategy session to discuss your specific circumstances.


Our expert team buys everything from:

  • Investment properties
  • Family homes
  • Development sites
  • Renovation projects
  • Commercial properties
Plus, we also help match people with the best selling agent if they ever need to sell property too. 
Finding your ideal property can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Sit down with one of our expert team and let us know exactly what you are looking for. Chances are that your ideal property is out there, but either someone else is getting access to it first, or you are just not in a position to be the lucky buyer.

Our buyer’s agents with decades of experience can help by looking through all the properties available in your target area, plus get access to a range of off-market and pre-market properties as well. You’ll have piece of mind knowing you’ll never overpay as we ensure you get a full independent valuation before making an offer and negotiating on your behalf.

Image that. No “open for inspections” to visit every weekend. No need to spend half your life searching through properties on the internet. No dealing with real estate agent calls or negotiations.

Your perfect property. Done.

A good buyer’s agent does all the work searching for and viewing properties, getting reports and inspections (strata, building, pest, etc), obtaining a valuation and securing a fair price.

In many cases, selling agents come directly to buyer’s agents with off-market properties because they are keen for a quick sale with someone they know and have dealt with before.

To use a buyer’s agent, you first sign a contract to use their services and pay a deposit, then a 2% fee on the purchase price.


The buyer’s agent can leverage decades of skills and experience to find the right property at the right price, which is often considerably lower than what an inexperienced buyer could negotiate.

A good buyer’s agent also helps navigate every issue involved in the purchase of the property, so you can concentrate on what you do best instead.

Don’t put yourself through the stress of trying to find properties that are rejected off-market, only to go head to head bidding against others who are willing to overpay on emotion. Get an expert on your side.

Questions About Pricing

We believe in transparency and empowering our clients with all the information they need from the start. Sharing our pricing upfront helps you make informed decisions and ensures a relationship built on trust and honesty. While others may choose not to disclose fees initially, we prefer to be upfront about costs to avoid any surprises and to streamline the decision-making process for you.

If someone else is hiding their pricing structure or is quoting a lower fee, you need to ask yourself why.

If you are reading this and you weren’t aware, Your Empire is not the cheapest property buyer’s agent, however we’re also by no means the most expensive.

What’s important is that our clients believe we are the best VALUE buyer’s agent and there’s a big difference.

Consider this: You, or a member of your family needs life saving brain surgery. Are you the type of person who would find the cheapest surgeon or haggle price? If you are, we don’t want to work with you. 

Sure, we could be the type of business that haggles on price, but then you’d have to forego part of the service and we’re not willing to cut corners in finding our clients the best possible properties at the best possible price. 

If other buyer’s agents charge a cheaper rate, you have to wonder where they are cutting corners. 

  • Do they have less experience and can’t justify charging any more?
  • Do they have less industry contacts (or lower quality contacts)?
  • Are they buyer’s agents who aren’t working solely for you, the client?
  • Are they taking a commission from the selling agent as well (in our opinion, this is a gross conflict of interest and instead, we exclusively work in the sole interest of our clients)?
  • Do they offer a lower level of service?

We’re happy to discuss your buying requirements and welcome people reaching out to other buyer’s agents to compare. Your Empire chooses only to work with premium clients that understand the true value of what our expertise can deliver you and your family. 

Don’t end up regretting cutting corners on one of the biggest purchases of your life.

Our fees are structured to reflect the high-quality service and exceptional value we provide. We invest substantial resources and expertise in ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

While our fees are generally fixed, we focus on delivering more value than you expect.

By choosing our services, you’re not just paying for a transaction; you’re investing in peace of mind, expert guidance, and unparalleled market knowledge.

Our goal is to ensure that the value you receive far exceeds the fee you pay. We’re always happy to discuss how our services can meet your specific needs and provide you with the best possible return on your investment.

Our initial discussion and strategy session is free of charge, and the purpose of this chat is to understand what viable options for purchase you have.

This session is an opportunity for us to understand your requirements and for you to assess how our services align with your goals, with no obligation or cost to you.

That’s how we ensure our clients like you get the best results.

We may ask you a few qualifying questions before your appointment.

To use Your Empire’s “Deal Architect” or “Property Concierge Elite” package to help purchase a property, you first sign a contract to access the package and pay a deposit.

The remaining fee is due once a property matching your brief has been purchased.

Our aim is to make the payment process as convenient as possible for you, so we accept a variety of payment methods.

Discuss your needs and requirements with us and find a payment method that suits you.

It sure is.

The way we do this is by having a fixed agreement with real estate agents, so our fee comes out of the fee you would already pay a selling agent themselves.

Plus we’ll help you negotiate the best possible fee with the agent as well.

For full disclosure, we have been approached in the past to accept a higher referral fee from selling agents to have us favour them for business. We have refused this offer and ensured that we kept a standard commission structure so that we can stay solely on your side as our client. This helps to ensure you get the best possible agent and gives you the best opportunity to achieve the highest sale price.

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