Sydney Blue Chip Property Fund – Expression of Interest

Thanks for considering investment in the Sydney Blue Chip Property Fund.

You can click here to download the fund brochure for more information if you are yet to do so or require another copy.

Priority for investment in the fund will be given to:

  • – Early expressions of interest received
  • – Those considering greatest investment sums


By completing this form, you understand and accept the following:

  • – You have read and understood the disclaimer
  • – You understand this form is strictly non-binding for either party
  • – Admittance into the fund is subject to receiving a “sophisticated investor” letter from accountant

Full fund terms and conditions will be available in the application documents which become legally binding when signed and delivered.


There will be a limit as to how much this fund raises in each round of application with priority given to early applicants.

  • – The first round will be $5m
  • – Subsequent rounds are TBC


Be sure to act early when you receive official application documents to ensure your place in the fund. In our recent experience with our own property options syndicate, we received 83 expressions of interest though were only accepting 19 investors at $50k.

As always, consult professional financial advice before making any decisions about the fund.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out as we welcome your questions and feedback.

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