Do What You Do Well And Leave The Rest To The Experts

With research in hand, imagine spending a precious Saturday morning under the bonnet of your car, with the sole purpose of saving money on a service. Laughable really isn’t?  Especially as most of us accept that mechanics talk in a strange language that we’ll never understand!

Instead, you work hard at your chosen profession and hand over your car to the professionals; after all it’s the second most expensive item you’re ever likely to buy. The first most expensive (by far!) is property, so why not trust that to the experts too?

It’s true that the media is full of doom and gloom about the property market – it’s fear and danger that sell newspapers.  However that doesn’t mean that bargains are paving the streets with gold – finding that true nugget amongst the fool’s gold is still a tough call.

As Louis Christopher, property adviser and Managing Director of SQM Research, previously Managing Director of Australia Property Monitors says, “do you want a bargain or a smart property investment that’ll return good long term growth?”

At Empire we’re finding plenty of competition for the strong investment properties that we often take off the market before the less experienced buyer has even seen.

After all, no matter how much you earn, it would take a lot of hours at the office to save $30,000 even $50,000 per annum.  However, with the right property investment, you can sit back and watch your money pile up in capital growth.

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