Did I Just Climb Mt. Everest?

I can only imagine the view from the summit of the world and the accomplishment of climbing to 8,849m to the top of Mt. Everest.

The preparation itself and the enormous mental struggle must be intense. Every year though, hundreds pay around (in some cases much more than) $50,000 for the privilege of risking their lives to do something that most only ever dream of, or fear deeply (or both).

For me, as you know, I do things a little differently.

I’m sure the view from the summit is incredible and the achievement of climbing is something to remember forever, but it’s ok to take short cuts when they are available as well.

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to visit Mt. Everest as part of an international entrepreneurs group I am involved with.

The good news is, I didn’t have to rely on fitness and it required zero training.

Here’s a short video from the trip (including something rather cheeky I was able to do when I was up there):

Short Video from Mt. Everest

In fact, I took the chopper up twice because it was such an incredible experience.

If you were wondering why helicopters don’t just fly to the summit of Everest, the answer is in the physics (not to mention environmental concerns, of course). They tell me that as the atmospheric pressure gets lower at altitude, the helicopter simply can’t create enough lift.

It’s also damn cold and can be extremely windy at the summit, as you can imagine. So you probably don’t want instruments and engines to malfunction up there. You can’t exactly call the helicopter NRMA to drop by if you get into difficulty.

So, instead of summiting (as you can see from the video), I took multiple helicopter sightseeing “joy flights” up to around 6000m and I can tell you that it was both spectacular and humbling.

I met some wonderful people from all around the world who stood in awe of the giant peak and shared stories of our own lives back home.

I was able to share my journey of property investing with people around the world and heard incredible stories of people who have made the trek to the summit.

Not surprisingly, in all achievement, there was a common thread.

  • Understanding what they were about to undertake
  • The inherent risks involved
  • Setting smaller goals on the journey
  • Engaging and trusting the experience of Sherpas and other experts who have already walked the path
  • The commitment it took to firstly prepare and then to see it through
  • Preparing for unforeseen circumstances that could threaten everything
  • How they would feel if they were to reach the summit (and successfully descend)

I couldn’t help but think that sounded exactly like property investing and the journey I had taken… without the lack of oxygenor risk to my life.

Do you know what’s different though?

Unlike the limited amount of climbing license’s issued each year for Everest, there’s plenty more room at the top of the property investing ladder.


If you know me, you’d know that in property there are a lot more people than me that want to build hundred million dollar and even billion dollar portfolios! They are the ones that really want to get to the summit.

For me, I’m happy to take the helicopter, because the view is still incredible and the life you can achieve is something you might have never thought possible.

If you want to join the property investing “helicopter”, click here for a free, confidential chat with our strategy team. Understand where you are and let’s talk about where you want to be.

You never know where life might take you. Maybe even Mt. Everest?

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