COVID-19 Update

Is Your Property Portfolio Prepared?

This 42-minute video seminar answers all your questions

A lot is going on in the world right now with all this chaos. Therefore, the following is VERY important if you have a property portfolio or were considering purchasing property soon.

As this outbreak escalated, our team started preparing an urgent event to help our clients protect their property portfolios through these uncertain times. We also wanted to help plan for life beyond the outbreak, whenever that may be.

Unfortunately, our plan for a seminar to assist clients was completely blown out of the water with seemingly hourly changes to social distancing, though I was determined to help where I could.

Recently, before restrictions, I spent the day with my team as well as a production crew to prepare an urgent commentary on how I am dealing with the current financial uncertainty and property environment.

The editing team worked into the night and I’m proud to say we produced a 42-minute video jam-packed with everything we could think of to help you and your portfolio through these times.

This is not regular content we produce and this is not for merely curious people.

The 42-minute video we have created is jam-packed with all the questions I have been asked by clients in the past few days and weeks. It also includes answers to questions you may not have known you needed to ask (yet are vitally important).

In this video, I discuss:

  • – The state of banking
  • – Buffers
  • – Offsets
  • – Redraws
  • – Insurances
  • – Tenants
  • – Interest
  • – Mortgage repayments
  • – Family homes
  • – Market stability
  • – Prospective opportunities
  • – Government intervention

and everything else we could load into as short a time frame as we could.

I’m also happy in the video to share ways where Your Empire has decided to personally help people concerned about their portfolio, or are in the enviable position of being ready to buy right now and are wondering what to do.

This is essential viewing if you have any interest in your portfolio right now.

From the team at Your Empire, look after your family and your loved ones and let’s work together towards being stronger at the other side of this global event.

Chris Gray

PS. This may be the most important content I have ever produced and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in such a short time frame.