Christmas time Is Real Estate Grinding To A Halt, Or Is It?

Christmas Is Nearly Here And The Real Estate Industry Is Grinding To A Halt, Or Is It?

I feel that one of the biggest myths in the Real Estate Industry is that the “spring auction period” is the best time to buy and sell and that the property market dies in December and January.

Personally I’ve had some of my best selling and buying experiences around this happy (or maybe silly is a better word?!) time of year. With more time to ponder their needs, people are often more focused on the job of buying and selling properties. And sometimes, vendors will sharpen their pencils so that their property is snapped up before Christmas and New Year!

In my daily chats to Real Estate Agents, I’m told they have many properties lined up for February auctions. This means that right now, these are “off-market” properties and some vendors could well agree to sell before going through the expensive cost of advertising their property, if only they could find those elusive buyers.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing in the property market, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May all your dreams for 2012 come true.


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