Buying a Family Home

Buying a Family Home: The dark secret

Even if you are not in the market for a family home because you are a rentvestor like me, or are at the stage of buying investment property, read on.

Let’s imagine it’s time to buy a family home!

It should be the most exciting time of your life. After all, for most people, the family home is the biggest single purchase they will ever make and later become by far and away their single biggest asset.

It’s awful, disgusting, sometimes sleezy, seemingly takes forever and often can make you sick.

By the time you actually purchase a house, many people are so ground down that they are just grateful to have the experience over.

Or worse still, some people are still stuck in the process.

I mean, it sounds great on the surface, right?

Dream about a place of your own, then leisurely browse through a few with your family that look incredible online and hey presto, the next thing you know, you’re moving in and can’t believe the bargain price you paid!

Here’s the truth if you are looking to buy a family home (or something to relate to if you have been through the process before).

  • Websites like Domain and Real Estate become your “most used” tabs on your browser
  • You spend more time on those websites than you do with your family
  • You call up a real estate agent to ask a simple question and end up on their marketing database receiving 400 emails a week
  • Every weekend (and some weeknights) is taken up by scouring open homes that look amazing online, then turn out to be less than desirable in real life
  • You end up on more real estate agent mailing lists without actually asking to receive anything
  • You get dozens of “follow up” calls from agents every week after visiting an open home – none of which you have time for or are for properties you have zero interest in

After a search ten times longer than expected, you find the perfect place! It’s incredible!

…then you realise you need to have your finance in order first.

So you go to the bank. If you’re smart, you go to a mortgage broker.

By the time you have your finances sorted, the first property is long since sold, so you start the process all over again.

Weeks later, you find another property. It’s even better than the one before!

You inspect the home and love it.

You return with your family and they love it.

The real estate agent gives you a price guide that is within your budget.

The search is over! Mentally, the whole family has moved in. You know where you are going to put the tv, lounge and every bedroom is assigned to a family member.

The auction is this Saturday.

It’s a glorious Saturday morning and there’s a dozen people or so standing around waiting for the sale.

You are confident as you have finance approved and are ready to bid.

The opening bid is $100k more than your budget.

It’s the most deflating feeling of your life.

But it’s not over. You go through this process over half a dozen times. Search until your eyes are square, inspect until you can’t even remember what day it is, then find the perfect property, make an offer or bid at auction… and miss out.

Ironically, if you have never been through the torment (and often torture) of the story above, you might not understand why you would bother spending the money with a Buyer’s Agent like Your Empire.

If you have been through the process though, you know for sure it’s one of the wisest investments you will ever make.

Leverage our relationships built over decades in the industry. We can pick up the phone with agents and have open, honest conversations from day one.

A significant portion of property we buy never goes to public market. If you see a property for sale on Domain or Real Estate, the first question you should ask yourself is “why did a buyer’s agent with first access to this property refuse to buy it for a client”?

Do you seriously value your time so poorly that you can spend months of evenings and weekends away from your family? Do you really need the stress? Let someone else do it.

Just like you are an expert in your field, we are experts in ours. It would likely be embarrassing if we suggested we could come into your job tomorrow and do a job anywhere near as good as you. Why? Because we have no skill and no experience. So why do people think they can buy property as well as us? And realistically, what sort of result do you think they should expect to get?

We negotiate property every day for a living. We never overpay for a property because we get independent valuations before we purchase anything (these are definitely not free valuations offered on an app or online). Most one-off buyers are simply guessing, or going off an agent’s recommendation. Which is smarter?

So rather than telling you what the story is like on the other side, here is some client feedback we have received on Facebook, Google Reviews and directly from clients.

In the last 3 months, according to CoreLogic, the median Sydney property has risen 3% in price.

We’ve helped countless clients cut 3 months or more off their property search and in the process, they’ve bought their time back with their family and friends even while the search is on!

So if you are still looking for property now, not only have you wasted the last three months where our clients have had their feet up, but the increase in median Sydney property values is MORE than the fee for hiring a buyer’s agent to do everything for you!

It’s not too late now, even if you’ve already been searching for a dream family home for a long time.

And if you are starting, or thinking of getting started, you would be bona-fide crazy to try and do things for yourself.

We have clients that spent over two years searching for property themselves before we helped them find their dream home in a matter of weeks!

Book a free and confidential strategy session to see if we’re a good fit for your buying needs, no matter where you are looking.

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