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Buying an Investment Property

Most people use a real-estate agent to sell their house, so why wouldn’t you use a professional buyers’ agent to negotiate your next property purchase? Your home or your property portfolio is probably your greatest asset so it only makes great financial sense to have a team of knowledgeable advisers around you while making the big decisions.

Anyone can buy real estate, but it could take five to 10 years to know if that purchase was a hot property or a complete lemon. In his book The Effortless Empire, Chris Gray explains just how to read the market in your favour and his team puts that insider knowledge to work for you.
We have the right strategy to help you secure the right property at the right price – stress free.

How do our buyers’ agents know what to buy?

  • We’ve done this every day for years, so we’ve got a tried and tested model
  • We only buy what we would buy ourselves; that’s a rule many other buyers’ agents do not follow
  • Our industry connections in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane give us access to off-market properties; something that would take years for an individual buyer to garner
  • We use strict purchasing rules so you never pay above market price
  • We are unique in using independent bank valuers to assess a property’s value rather than using staff who may have a vested interest in pushing comparable property prices up
  • As experienced buyers’ agents we’re efficient in our decision making so real estate agents prefer dealing with us
  • By engaging us the emotional element is taken out of the buying process so a clear informed purchase can be made
  • We represent buyers, not sellers, so there’s no conflict of interest

Buying a home

Every buyer is an individual and at Your Empire we are driven by that knowledge. Do you want to buy an absolute bargain? Or do you want to get into the right property that ticks all the emotional boxes no matter how long it takes? Are you downsizing, upgrading or buying for the first time? We can address all these questions while taking the stress out of finding a dream home.

So why use a buyers’ agent to purchase a home?

  • Our team can help you find your dream home and dream investment in one
  • We will challenge your buying criteria and give you contrarian ideas to help you make the right choice
  • You get to see newly listed homes as soon as they’re listed, or even before they hit the market
  • You’ll be matched to your personal buyers’ agent who best meets your house hunting needs
  • If you only need our help at auction or during negotiations, then we can arrange bespoke services on a limited-fee basis
  • Most importantly, by using negotiation skills that have been honed over decades we’ll obtain the best price for you

Work with us to build your ideal team of advisors in all matters of investment, home renovation and property management. If you don’t have the time to do the homework – we do.

Managing the money

We believe that your team of advisors should be advising you, and not the other way around.

Not all mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants are the same. We consider the professionals we work with to be the best in the business who thoroughly understand our philosophy in property investment.

While potential buyers may be tempted to take the lowest interest rate on the market, or use professionals with reduced fees, we want to surround you with successful people whose aim is your financial freedom. We know, that there is a limit to how much you can save, but no limit to how much you can make.

What is to gain when using our services?

Choice. Your independent mortgage broker will find a loan specifically tailored to your needs. And because we don’t have an in-house team of brokers we have the freedom to choose who is the best for you
Knowledge. Our team of seasoned professionals have a deep understanding of investment portfolios and will assist in every step of the home buying process
Time. Your time is valuable to you so let us do the home buying homework. Researching loans, chasing applications and doing the must-have paper work can be time-consuming and tedious. Your advisors will manage the whole process, keeping you informed at every stage

If you already have a professional on board then we will work with them to create a seamless property buying journey that is not only stress-free, but profitable.

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