Buy Property Like a Pro – Webinar Replay with Ben Nash

  • Want to make smart property moves in 2022, but struggling to cut through all the noise and figure out what’s right for you?
  • Do you want to buy property like a pro to get ahead, but aren’t sure how to find balance between growing your investments and living the lifestyle you want?
  • Worried about making a mistake that will cost you a bunch of money?

We’ve got you covered.

In this session, we’re teaming up with Pivot Wealth founder and adviser Ben Nash to share some practical lessons and tactics learned from helping thousands of people plan a solid property strategy.


– Update on the property market today and what 2022 has in store
– Key property strategies that can make you money
– How to plan your property purchase
– Property buying mistakes to avoid and how to buy property like a pro
– Your next steps and how to get started

About Chris Gray

Chris Gray is the CEO of Your Empire which buys homes, holiday homes and investments for time-poor professionals, searching, negotiating and renovating on their behalf. He has been the host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News Business Channel for over 10 years and was the Real Estate Judge on ‘The Renovators’ on Channel Ten.

As a qualified accountant, mortgage broker and buyers agent, Chris is the independent authority in educating buyers, sellers and investors about residential property in Australia. Chris started buying property at the age of 22, semi-retired at the age of31 and currently holds over $20m of property in his personal portfolio.

About Your Empire

Your Empire is a Buyers Agency that searches, negotiates and renovates homes and investments for professionals who don’t have time, knowledge, or contacts to do it themselves

The CEO of Your Empire is Chris Gray, has hosted ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News Business for over 10 years and was previously the real estate judge on Channel 10’s “The Renovators’ and Channel 9’s MyHome TV. He started buying property at the age of 22, retired from full time employment at 31 and personally owns in excess of $20m of property.

Your Empire can assist you to buy your own home or build your own portfolio of properties almost completely passively. You can be assured of their very high standards and the value they provide as every property they buy is bought based on an independent bank valuation.

About Ben Nash

Ben Nash is a Finance expert, media money commentator, best-selling author, speaker, award-winning financial adviser, and founder of Pivot Wealth. Ben knows that money doesn’t solve problems, but it does give you options. He believes money success is about finding the perfect balance between living an epic lifestyle now, while building financial security at the same time.

In Ben’s training sessions he draws on practical experiences from talking to thousands about money to help you learn simple, practical, tried and tested money strategies that actually work, delivered in an easy to understand way.

About Pivot Wealth

Pivot Wealth was created to help people invest smarter and create a life that isn’t limited by money. We can help you make smarter choices, learn the rules of the game, and get more out of what you have now.

We focus on putting you in the driver’s seat so you can build a money strategy that helps you find the perfect balance between living the life you want today, while you make financial progress to set up your future.

Ready to unlock the secrets to smart property moves in 2022? Book a time directly into my calendar to embark on a journey towards financial empowerment.

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