Why I Never Sell – Part 2

Why I Never Sell Property 2

A few weeks ago, I released this article titled “Why I Never Sell”. Following that post, a few people messaged me asking specific questions about my strategies and tactics. Luis

Are You Thinking of Travel Again?

Are you thinking of travel again

International travel restrictions are starting to lift. · Who has already booked a trip? · Who is already planning a trip? · Who is dreaming about a trip? For me,

Why I Never Sell Property

Why I Never Sell Property

Just in case you haven’t heard me say it a million times before, my property investment strategy is simple… BUY AND HOLD. Let me make that as clear as possible…

No More Excuses

We’ve had a very different couple of years in 2020 and 2021 with Covid 19, yet the excuses around not buying property and continuing to sit on the fence hasn’t