5 Things to Remember When Buying Property Sight Unseen

The advent of the Internet has been a blessing for many time-poor investors. From one single location, a savvy investor can research and review multiple properties, check Council zoning regulations,

Five tenant red flags

Selecting the right tenant for your investment property can be tough, especially when you want to get someone in there paying rent straight away. Many people make the mistake of

Learn how to buy property in your Super

Super strategies from the industry experts What you will learn at this webinar? Buying property in super seems to be all the rage at the moment – but is it

The mindset of successful investors

By RUN Property CEO Rob Farmer Have you ever read about a 24-year-old on an average salary who owns four investment properties? Or the single mum who bought her first

Buy, Renovate, Sell

It’s easier to buy and sell properties that are in great condition – this is what buyers gravitate towards. However, when managed correctly, renovating can reap great rewards for investors.