Have I Missed the Boat?

Have I missed the boat? Is there a property bubble? Will prices continue to rise? These are the biggest questions in property right now and there is certainly no shortage

Rent Myth Busted

‘Poor renters’ don’t have to own a $3 million house to live in one. Article by Chris Harrison in Herald Sun, Sunday October 19 2014.

The path to property investment success

  I hope my top ten tips for investing in property inspired many Life@Home readers to consider becoming a property investor. For those who already have one or two investment

Five reasons your house didn’t sell

The house wasn’t priced correctly. People are emotionally attached to their own houses, especially if they’ve lived there for a long time, which often leads them to thinking it’s worth more

Sydney Seminar: What, Where and How to buy in 2015?

6:00pm Wed 11th February Come and listen to Property Expert, Chris Gray (host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News) talk about the fundamentals of investing in property and what

Autumn Opportunities for Investors

Shortly, autumn will be upon us. Along with cooler weather the season is bringing great opportunities for people looking to buy a home or investment property. From my extensive years