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Just to let you know I have a new show on Sky News Business Channel called “Your Property Empire”. It airs from 6.30pm through to 7pm every Friday night and

Why Use A Buyers Agent And How Does It All Work?

Saving Time: Time is money – your money! At Empire, looking at potential investment properties most days gives us a sharp eye for the right investment property and a day-by-day

Financial Game Changer #3: The Property Valuation

You may think that the market determines the price of property, but have you ever thought what would happen if the bank thought otherwise? An incorrect valuation by the bank

Insure your property against economic changes

Feeling ill at ease about investing in anything in an uncertain economic climate? Never fear, says TV property expert Chris Gray. His sure-fire strategy for investing in property is also

Do What You Do Well And Leave The Rest To The Experts

With research in hand, imagine spending a precious Saturday morning under the bonnet of your car, with the sole purpose of saving money on a service. Laughable really isn’t?  Especially

Women Taking Charge Of Their Retirement Lifestyle

Whatever your personal situation is, it’s important for all women, married and single, to take charge of their finances and build enough resources so that they can retire in style

Do you want to buy into a block with Chris Gray?

One of the reasons that some clients hire Empire to buy and renovate property for them is because they want to duplicate what Chris has done for himself. They’re even