Why property can be your ticket to freedom

Investing in residential property is attractive to many, but a vast number of would-be investors shy away from, or procrastinate, getting into the market. It is a common perception that

Adding Value, Not Risk

By Kristy Lee, Hamptons Property Services When considering what work is required to an investment property, whether this is done prior to purchasing it as part of the astute investor’s

Put Cash In Your Pocket With a Renovation Loan

Traditionally when you purchased an investment property you would apply for finance from the banks while the remaining costs such as stamp duty, legal fees and renovation costs would have

Little cost, big yield

By RUN Property CEO Rob Farmer Property owners can substantially increase the cashflow from their investments – and accelerate the growth of their property portfolio – by doing minor and

Smart advice for buyers who think big

When considering an investment in a block of units it is important to have inside knowledge about the common obstacles you will need to overcome. The two biggest hurdles to

Earn $40,000 a year for next to nothing

How would you like to earn up to $40,000 a year for doing absolutely nothing – other than making one good decision? That’s how much an average investment property can