Autumn Opportunities for Investors

Shortly, autumn will be upon us. Along with cooler weather the season is bringing great opportunities for people looking to buy a home or investment property.

From my extensive years in the property industry I have learnt that autumn is one of the best times to buy – not only for investment properties but for any purchase. With the cooler weathers comes the biggest increase in property listings and sales. Studies undertaken by companies such as RP Data also confirm this.

As an investor, I am in the market for the long-term and I believe any time is right to buy good quality stock. That said, the current market presents ideal opportunities for people to get into the market while rates are good and with lower competition than springtime.

With interest rates tipped to stay relatively stable in the coming months, buyers and investors can feel confident in the strength of a property purchase. Quality stock is also presenting good yields with the potential for long-term growth.

While most people who follow the market are aware that current conditions are very good, they are still unsure what to look for. They ask me: “what is a safe investment?” The answer is median priced, blue chip properties in inner suburban locations. And with more listings autumn 2013 gives buyers and investors a greater choice of quality properties priced slightly lower than usual.

If you can find a good buy on a blue-chip property, snap it up. These properties are always in demand and will get you long-term growth and withstand booms and busts.

Autumn is also the time for investors to consolidate their strategy or get professional advice about investing. Now that the beach weather has ended you will be spending more time indoors. Use this time wisely: check your finances; do some research online, using sites like Residex and RP Data; start visiting open homes and, if you are a serious investor, consider getting professional advice from a buyer’s agent.