Artificial Intelligence Wrote This

Before we delve into this article, it’s important to note that I have clearly outlined which part was written by Artificial Intelligence and which part was written by me. But more about that later.

With so many people talking about ChatGPT and OpenAI, I was wondering how smart this Artificial Intelligence really was.

And as it turns out, it seems pretty useful already. So I decided to put it to the test with some questions about property investment.

After starting with some simple questions and getting pretty basic answers, I moved on to ask some more specific questions that gave me some answers that were surprisingly insightful.

What was obvious though was the general nature of information and the clear lack of “real world” experience. Sure, the logic is sound (for the most part), though when it comes to what actually happens, the truth can be a little different.

Hallelujah, right! I’ve been talking about this ever since I purchased my first property.

The number one way people can make significantly more from investing in property is to remove emotion from the equation.

That’s simply not the way things work in the “real world”.

  • Vendors are emotional
  • Buyers are emotional
  • Even Real Estate Agents can be emotional

So things rarely go to script.

If you are thinking of letting AI direct your life and your investments, you might just be a little early to the party. Who knows where we might be in 10, 20 or even 50 years though?

Here’s what AI wrote when I asked:

How can I best use debt to my advantage when purchasing an investment property in Australia?

Response generated by Artificial Intelligence in response to a question I posed

Not bad. Ticked a few of the boxes I would mention in a short response.

I would always start with “building the right team”.

Sure, the bot mentions a financial advisor at the end, though specifics of who to talk to for each step are lacking. It basically assumes you are doing most for yourself.

That’s simply not going to get you the best result and building a team of experts is arguably more important than having the knowledge for yourself.

It touches on upside, though it also closes by mentioning the risk, fluctuations and having a plan.

Ultimately, if you plan on investing in real estate, a plan can be your biggest asset.

For now though, can you expect to see me putting AI content in emails and blogs? Definitely “no”.

It still reads like it’s artificially produced and search engines such as Google have already long since created technology that detects “spammy and ai generated content”.

Plus it loses the “human” element.

If you’re not sure, there are always tools you can run the content through to see if it passes the test!

Here’s another AI answer I tested against an AI Content Detector Bot.

Seems as though the AI BS detector can sniff out the AI anywhere?

Another response generated by Artificial Intelligence that I tested using an AI Content Detector Bot.

Instead of using an AI generator… why not book a chat and ask the biggest property buying question you have right now.

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