Accountants On Purpose Podcast

Investing in Property: Is There Ever A Perfect Time with Chris Gray



This podcast was recorded on November 18th 2019 for the “Accountants on Purpose” podcast series. You can click here to see the original post and subscribe to the podcast, or head to their facebook page to discover more.

The series is hosted by Sarah Bartholomeusz. Sarah is the founder of You Legal, an Adelaide-based law firm that provides top tier consultative legal services to corporate clients, including ASX listed companies.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why the property market is changing since the election
  • How Chris got started in the property market and was able to retire at age 31
  • The challenges he faced trying to get people to realise that he knew what he was doing with property investments
  • How helping people even when unpaid, is unbelievably rewarding
  • Sorting out your finances can alleviate so many problems in your life
  • Uncovering the biggest myth surrounding the property market