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Hi, I'm Kellie Adamson

Buyer's Agent and Development Site Specialist
Your Empire Sydney


Specialising in Renovation Opportunities
and Development Sites

Kellie brings to Your Empire over 20 years of extensive knowledge in the property world – both across the real estate, property development/acquisition, and construction industries.

Her vast knowledge extends beyond the role of Buyer’s Agent, and is an immeasurable advantage for her clients requiring guidance through their buying journey.

This enables Kellie to bring the client’s team of property professionals together and provide a strategic, streamlined process and help them invest in their future.

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Building Futures

A Legacy in Development

Kellie Adamson stands at the intersection of construction and community, wielding the power to shape skylines and touch lives. With a profound understanding that construction goes beyond mere structures to foster economic vitality and community spirit, Kellie finds deep fulfillment in her role. Her journey, driven by a passion for creating lasting legacies through bricks and mortar, is marked by the creation of homes that harbour dreams and buildings that bolster communities. As a Development Site Specialist and Buyer’s Agent, Kellie’s work is a testament to her belief in construction’s pivotal role in propelling society forward, one project at a time.

Inspiring Change

Leading with Innovation

Kellie Adamson is not just a Buyer’s Agent – she is a visionary leader whose skills in leadership, problem-solving, and communication have been pivotal to her success. Her ability to inspire and mobilize teams towards common goals, navigate challenges with strategic problem-solving, and foster robust relationships underscores her role as a linchpin in the property development sector. Kellie’s leadership extends beyond projects with a firm commitment to mentoring the next generation. This ensures that her legacy includes not only the structures she helps build, but also the people she uplifts along the way.

Image of Kellie Adamson
Image of Kellie Adamson

Beyond Property

Empowering Journeys

Kellie Adamson’s influence stretches beyond the realms of property and development. For Kellie, it’s about empowering personal journeys. Kellie believes in pursuing sustainability and non-profit projects, with her narrative one of continuous growth and self-improvement. Her commitment to leveraging her vast knowledge for the betterment of others and the environment is a beacon for those looking to make meaningful impacts. Kellie’s role at Your Empire transcends the transactional, offering a partnership rooted in mutual growth, sustainability, and enduring success.

Shape Your Property Future

Embark on a journey to transform your property dreams into reality with Kellie Adamson. Leveraging over two decades of unmatched expertise in property development and acquisition, Kellie is your trusted ally in navigating the complex real estate landscape.

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