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Renovations. On Time, On Budget, and Guaranteed!

How do you stop the traditional renovation cost blowout?  Maximise the increase in value, while minimising lost rent through extended vacancy?

Empire knows all the answers.

Renovation, whether it’s your own home or an investment property, is fraught with tricks and traps for the unwary, and even for the wary. The biggest worry is not knowing how much you’ll end up paying and how long it might take, which is why it makes sense to outsource the entire thing and make someone else accountable. That’s us.

Whether you use our services to buy your investment, or you require us to renovate a unit you’ve had for some time, we will give you fixed price, fixed deadline work, all carried out to a high standard with no excuses. And that’s a guarantee, not just a promise.

We can do this because we have reliable tradespeople working on our clients’ properties pretty much full time, so we can schedule the work with people we trust. If fact, if the work isn’t completed on time, then the builder will be paying you!

As we renovate so many properties, Your Empire’s experts have a clear understanding or where added value lies and doesn’t lie in renovation, something that’s very hard for the occasional renovator to predict. In fact we have several proven formulas for what adds value and what doesn’t, so you don’t over or under capitalise as a result of the work done.

We’ll also arrange an independent valuation before starting work to ensure you are adding value before you even begin. On completion we can arrange a building report to certify that all work has been carried out to Australian standards.

Our team has become so well known for renovation and property buying and investment in general that we’ve been approach by television networks for renovation shows such as, Reno Nightmares on Today Tonight and created a few episodes of our own show, Renovation Tours.

If you are facing renovations, whether they are cosmetic or structural, call the experts and take the pain out of it by calling 02 9994 8944.


Ask a Reno Expert

Renovations are notorious for blowing out in cost and time, not for us. With the right approach, planning and people miracle do happen, daily.

1We focus on the areas that deliver the best return on your investment on your renovation spend.

2We are experts in removing renovation cost blowout with trusted suppliers that have delivered hundreds of renovations for our clients.

3We get the best rates from our suppliers, renovations are completed in the shortest time through professional project management meaning lost rent is minimised to make it as cost effective for you as possible.

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